24 Day Perth to Darwin Tour

    Departure Dates 2024


    • 6, 15, 24  April
    • 4, 13, 22 May
    • 1, 10, 19, 29 June
    •  8, 17, 27 July
    • 5, 14, 17, 24 August
    • 2, 11, 21, 30 September
    • 9, 12, 19 October

    Embark on an Epic 24-Day Budget Adventure: Discover the Wonders from Perth to Darwin

    Are you ready to unlock the breathtaking beauty of Australia? Imagine traversing the vast landscapes, from the vibrant city of Perth to the untamed splendor of Darwin, all while keeping your budget intact. Get ready for an extraordinary 24-day journey that promises to leave you in awe at every turn. This is not just a tour; it’s an unforgettable expedition that will ignite your sense of adventure and quench your thirst for exploration.

    Why Opt for Our Perth to Darwin Budget Adventures Tour?

    Unmatched Value: Our 24-day Perth to Darwin tour is curated to offer an unparalleled experience without straining your budget. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to explore the marvels of Australia.

    Guided by Experts: Our seasoned guides are driven by their passion for sharing knowledge, ensuring you gain deeper insights into the regions you traverse.

    Intimate Small Group Setting: Traveling in a close-knit group fosters a sense of camaraderie and allows for more personalized interactions, resulting in cherished memories.

    Genuine Experiences: Immerse yourself in local culture, relish authentic cuisine, and connect with the essence of each destination.

    Don’t settle for the ordinary; embark on an extraordinary adventure that will redefine your concept of travel. Join us on our budget-friendly expedition from Perth to Darwin, where every step unravels a new realm of wonder. Dare to explore, and let the journey unfold!

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      Our travellers often combine this trip with some of these trips:


      Day 1: Pinnacles Desert and Jurien Bay

      Leaving Perth we enter Nambung National Park to explore the Pinnacles Desert – a unique landscape unlike any other in the country. We then journey to the massive sand dunes of Jurien Bay where you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy a sandboard down the slopes and perfect your technique. From here we continue on through Geraldton to Kalbarri where we stay overnight. (LD)

      Day 2: Kalbarri National Park and Shell Beach

      Today we take the short drive to Kalbarri National Park where we explore some of the park’s diverse scenery like Murchison Gorge, Natures Window, the Loop and Z-Bend Gorge (a steep descent but worth the effort for a refreshing swim). There is also the option to abseil here for those looking for even more adventure (own expense). After lunch we visit the beautiful Shell Beach – one of only two beaches in the world made entirely from shells, before getting back on the road towards Denham and Shark Bay. (BLD)

      Day 3: Monkey Mia and Shark Bay

      After a short drive across the Peron Peninsula we make our way down to the beach and pay a visit to the world famous Monkey Mia dolphins – sure to become your new best friends. Via the fascinating stromatolites at Hamelin Pool, we continue along the highway to Coral Bay, the ‘Jewel of the Northwest’. (BLD)

      Day 4-5: Coral Bay and Exmouth

      Take a day to explore Coral Bay – which is just as relaxing as the name suggests. We’ll also take a visit to the Ningaloo Reef the amazing marine life that lives below the waterline. Take a snorkel or cruise on a glass bottom boat to see for yourself. (Activities at own expense and subject to availability). When late afternoon comes around it’s time for the short drive into Exmouth to prepare for another day of freedom and relaxation. In the evening, kick back on Yardi Creek Station and watch the sunset as kangaroos hop about the grounds. In the morning, go snorkelling or diving, search for whale sharks (seasonal and at own expense) or view Vlamingh Head Lighthouse then choose to laze on the pristine beach at Turquoise Bay and soak up the sunshine. (BLD/BLD)

      Day 6 - 7: Karijini National Park

      We head inland past many Aussie cattle stations to reach the outback oasis of Karijini National Park. This afternoon we will pass through Tom Price, a little town known for its iron ore mining, before reaching our camp overlooking the magnificent Hamersley Range. We have a full day of adventure to explore Karijini National Park and its amazing gorges. Formed over 2,500 million years ago, the Hamersley Ranges are some of the most unusual landforms on earth. You’ll be able to take some great photos while you’re here – perfect for your Facebook and Instagram feeds. Deep in the gorges you’ll come across cascading waterfalls and fresh, still waterholes that are ideal for swimming. Dales Gorge, Fortesque Falls, Fern Pool, Circular Pool, Weano Gorge and Hancock Gorge are just some of the unforgettable areas we’ll visit. Definitely a highlight! (LD/BLD)

      Day 8: The Pilbara

      Say your sad farewells to Karijini this morning as we travel towards the coast and the iron ore town of Port Hedland. We have time for a quick town tour and to marvel at the incredible size of the iron ore industry. After lunch we continue on towards the Pilbara region, where we spend the night together at Sandfire. (BLD)

      Day 9: Eighty Mile Beach and Dampier Peninsula

      Enjoy a leisurely break and take in the glory of the stretching sands of picturesque 80 Mile Beach, one of Australia’s most remarkable hidden gems. Take a stroll along the white sandy beach and get some fantastic photos of the azure water, before we continue north to Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm on the Dampier Peninsula. (BL)

      Day 10: Cygnet Bay and Broome

      A morning tour of the Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm (included) provides insight into this remote pearling industry, concluding with an in-depth pearl grading and appreciation session that will leave you feeling like a pearl expert. We then journey further north to the One Arm Point Aboriginal Community to tour a local aquaculture hatchery perched right on the tip of One Arm Point overlooking the impressive Buccaneer Archipelago. Returning south, we aim to reach Broome in time for one of the famous sunsets on Cable Beach. (BL)

      Day 11- 14: Broome Beach Break

      Enjoy a fabulous 4 day break at the Kimberley Travellers Lodge in beautiful Broome: relax on one of the best beaches in the world – Cable Beach, enjoy a brew at Matsos Broome Brewery, search for dinosaur footprints on the rugged coastline, checkout the local art galleries and jump on a local Broome tour or two. (B/B/B/B). This break is free time for independent adventures – on your own, or with new your new travel mates.

      Day 15: Tunnel Creek

      We set off into the West Australian outback pretty early today and after a bit of highway driving we reach the Fitzroy River, then it’s all off-road to the Napier Range. The main attraction here is Tunnel Creek, a vast cave system that extends 750 metres underground. It’s from here that the indigenous warrior Jandamarra waged his rebellion against the colonial authorities – a legacy you’ll learn more about on walk through the tunnel with your guide. We camp overnight at Windjana Gorge, once an underwater reef. During the wet season a river flows all the way through it, but during the dry it’s really more a series of ponds and billabongs. (LD)

      Day 16: Windjana Gorge & Bell Gorge

      Spend the morning exploring Windjana Gorge while in the afternoon we journey to Bell Gorge, home to a stunning cascade of water flowing from the previous wet season rains that fall in the King Leopold Ranges. A great place to swim! Further east, Mt Barnett Station will be our camp for this evening. (BLD)

      Day 17: Manning Falls

      Stretch your legs on a morning hike and you will be rewarded with a swim in a large rock pool at the base of Manning Falls. After lunch we discover Adcock or Galvins Gorge, before heading back to camp to relax around the campfire. (BLD)

      Day 18 -19: El Questro Station

      Fording rivers and weaving through gorges, travel by 4WD along the wild Gibb River Road – a 600-kilometre stretch that winds right through the heart of the Kimberley. We’ve got a fair bit of ground to cover today, so there is a fair bit of drive time, but we’ll be breaking the journey up with lunch and at a few stops along the way. This journey includes the iconic Pentecost River crossing in our 4WD. How Australian is that! Originally established as an enormous cattle station, El Questro is now a vast wilderness reserve sprawled over more than one million acres. Camping out here, you’ll really feel like you’re in the middle of nowhere – albeit an extremely beautiful middle of nowhere. The ochre-coloured massifs of the Cockburn Ranges frame the landscape whichever way you turn and numerous natural springs offer plenty of opportunities for a refreshing cool-off. Following a soak in Zebedee Springs, enjoy a short trek to either El Questro or Emma Gorge (BLD/BLD).

      Day 20-21: Purnululu National Park: Bungle Bungles

      So long El Questro, hello Bungle Bungles. Today we drive through the rugged landscape of Carr Boyd and the Durack Ranges into Purnululu National Park. This park is home-ground of the Bungle Bungles, a UNESCO World Heritage Site dominated by massive sandstone karsts that rear hundreds of metres above the surrounding grasslands. We arrive at our bush camp in time to sit back and watch the sun set over the Osmond Ranges. If you’ve had enough of tent camping by now, you might want to spend tonight sleeping out beneath the stars snuggled up in a swag. Unbelievably, only the locals knew it existed until the early 1980’s when they were ‘discovered’ by a film team – who then had to fly over the top by plane to find a route in by land. We know the way in, but you can sign up for a helicopter ride over the site if you wish. At ground level, we’ll go on a walk through Echidna Chasm – a long and narrow ravine banked on either side by 200 metre high rock walls – and enter the massive natural Amphitheatre of Cathedral Gorge. (BLD/BLD)

      Day 22: Lake Argyle

      Today we leave the Bungle Bungles for Kununurra, the largest town between Broome and Darwin. Tonight’s campsite is on the shores of Lake Argyle. There are no further activities booked for the rest of the day, but an optional sunset cruise out on the lake is highly recommended. (BLD)

      Day 23: Victoria River Region and Katherine

      Lake Argyle is actually a man-made lake, though you’d never have guessed so from looking at it. For a body of water situated in the centre of the world’s second driest continent, it looks pretty at home. Barramundi, birds and freshwater crocodiles thrive in these waters, and the islands look like they’ve always been there (they used to be mountains). In the afternoon we push on across the state border into the Northern Territory. (BLD)

      Day 24: Darwin

      The final leg of our journey takes us through to Darwin, with stop-offs made en route at either Katherine Gorge or Edith Falls. (BL)

      What To Bring
      Booking Info
      • Snorkel in the pristine waters of Coral Bay and discover the vibrant marine life of Ningaloo Reef.
      • Immerse yourself in the rugged beauty of Karijini National Park’s cascading waterfalls and refreshing natural pools.
      • Witness the breathtaking majesty of the Bungle Bungle Range at Purnululu National Park.
      • Explore the ancient wonder of Tunnel Creek and walk through its vast underground cave system.
      • Experience the unique charm of Broome, where dinosaur footprints and Cable Beach sunsets await.
      • A head torch,
      • Broad-brimmed hat with sun visor for all round sun protection,
      • Sunscreen,
      • Swimming costume and towel,
      • Good walking/trekking shoes,
      • Insect repellent,
      • A personal water bottle,
      • Warm clothes for the evening (particularly if travelling in Winter),
      • Personal toiletries and first aid, with any personal medication required.
      • This journey calls for a certain level of fitness and an active lifestyle, as you’ll have the opportunity to revel in various exhilarating activities. From sleeping under the stars in comfortable swags on the ground to staying in lively hostel dorm rooms, you’ll experience a diverse range of accommodations that bring you closer to the heart of your surroundings.
      • This Perth to Darwin tour is designed for a younger, or young at heart, traveler.
      • Itineraries may vary and/or attractions be substituted for any cause including seasonal conditions, weather extremes, traditional owner, and national park requirements.
      • National Park rules request that only biodegradable soap products are used whilst in Karijini National Park.
      • Western Australia is a BIG state. Due to the distances covered, this trip involves early departures on some mornings and frequent stops between destinations.
      • This tour is not suitable for children.
      • Travel Insurance is compulsory for all travellers on all tours and details must be presented to tour guide before departure.
      Where will I sleep on tour?

      Throughout the tour, accommodations vary between camping under the stars in picturesque locations and sharing dorm-style accommodations for a budget-friendly experience.

      Camping allows you to truly connect with the natural surroundings. We provide all the necessary equipment, including tents. Don’t forget to pack a sleeping bag, or one can be purchased for $50 per person. Let us know if you would like to buy one. You can choose to keep it as a memento of your journey or donate it to support local indigenous communities.

      In some locations, we offer dorm-style accommodation, allowing you to rest in shared rooms. It’s a convenient option for a comfortable night’s sleep

      Are meals included?

      On tour, we include: 17 Breakfasts, 20 Lunches, 17 Dinners

      During the course of the tour, we take care of your dining needs by providing a well-balanced and satisfying array of meals. Throughout your journey, you can look forward to enjoying a total of 17 delicious breakfasts, ensuring you start each day with energy and enthusiasm. Additionally, we offer a generous selection of 20 hearty lunches, allowing you to refuel during your adventures and savor the local flavors. For your evening meals, we’ve prepared 17 delectable dinners that encompass a variety of cuisines and culinary experiences, ensuring you have a satisfying end to each remarkable day of exploration. Rest assured, our inclusive meal plan is designed to enhance your travel experience, keeping you nourished and delighted throughout the entirety of your unforgettable journey.

      As part of our participation tour ethos, you’ll even have the opportunity to lend a hand in prepping meals alongside our expert guide. And when it comes to cleanup, we’re all in this together – assisting with washing up after meals fosters camaraderie and makes you an integral part of the tour.

      Are their optional activities?

      You can join our tour without adding any extra trips, there is plenty to see and do on tour with hiking and exploring.

      However here is a selection of popular optional activities you may want to add on.

      Some of these you can arrange en route, while others, as noted, are best booked prior to departure.

      * Scenic Flights – allow approx $500 per person
      * Sunset Cruise Lake Argyle – allow approx $100 per person
      * Abseiling – allow approx $50 per person
      * Swimming with Manta Rays – allow approx $250 per person
      * Swimming with Whale Sharks (seasonal, April to July only) – allow $450-$500 per person *we recommend your pre-book this activity in Exmouth for day 5. 10% off when you book with us!
      * Glass Bottom Boat Rides – allow approx $50 per person
      * Kayaking – allow approx $50 per hour

      What fitness level is required for this tour?

      This tour is designed for participants with a good to advanced level of fitness. The itinerary involves various activities, including hiking and exploring natural sites. It’s recommended to be physically prepared for moderate to strenuous activities.

      How much luggage can I bring?

      Due to limited storage space, we recommend bringing a soft, compact suitcase or a backpack. Excess luggage can be stored at your starting point and retrieved upon your return.

      Can dietary preferences or restrictions be accommodated?

      We do our best to cater to dietary requirements, including vegetarian, vegan, and allergies. Please inform us of any special dietary needs when booking, and we’ll strive to accommodate them.

      Is travel insurance recommended?

      Yes, travel insurance is strongly recommended to cover unforeseen events such as trip cancellations, medical emergencies, or lost baggage. It provides peace of mind throughout your journey.

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