Arrival guide to Sydney

Sydney is a sexy city. It’s got the bright lights, big iconic architecture, it’s a modern exciting city, and is blessed with a gorgeous harbour and surf beaches. What’s not to like?

The modern city of Sydney was established as a British colony in 1789. The area, however, has a long history of Aboriginal settlement, due to the temperate climate and rich harbour waters with fish and shellfish.

Much of the early architecture that remains is made out of the local Sydney sandstone which gives the older buildings a distinctive pale yellow-brown look. It’s not quite as well known as the white sail-like look of the Sydney Opera House. Or as obvious as the Sydney Harbour Bridge which spans the north and south shores of the harbour.

Most people arriving in Australia will fly into Sydney first, or at least make their way to Sydney at some time during their travels. That flight in reveals surf beaches fringing the northern and eastern suburbs, a feature relatively rare for most cities of this size – roughly 4 million people.

Take the airport train into the city from the airport – it’s the most convenient and cheapest way. This line was built for the year 2000 Olympic Games which were held in Sydney.

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Time for some Sydney adventures as you explore this fantastic city.


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