East Coast Australia Tours

Take an East Coast Australia Tour.

The east coast of Australia has awesome beaches, great nightlife, and all the adventure activities you want to do. The east coast is the common name for the route between Sydney and Cairns in both directions.

You can depart on tours from Sydney, Brisbane and Cairns to explore the east coast of Australia. Australia east coast tours from Cairns to Sydney are a popular way to travel down the East Coast. Or up the East Coast from Sydney to Cairns if you have started your travels in Sydney.

It’s the most popular place to travel in Australia since the weather is always warm, there are many small towns and infrastructure to all the things you want to see.

The must-do’s on East Coast Australia Tours have to be the combo of Fraser Island and Whitsundays. These two destinations HAVE to be included in your East Coast Adventure. Make sure to always have them included.

There are different ways to travel the east coast including by bus and/or train on our hop on hop off transport pass or on a fully guided tour.

Sydney to Cairns tour packages

We have some great Sydney to cairns tour packages if you are backpacking or traveling in Australia. Join one of our fun adventures tours or we can tailor make you a great discounted package.

Our 21 day Sydney to Cairns East Coast tour is a small group tour up the East Coast. Perfect for traveling Sydney to Cairns up the coast and making new friends. This Australia East Coast tour is perfect for those 18- 39 years old. If you are a solo traveller this one is for you!

Ideal for those on a Working Holiday Visa package in Australia and doing some travel. You will meet lots of people of a similar age and have alot of fun on the East Coast!

This Sydney to Cairns East Coast tour includes Fraser Island and Whitsundays tours plus 20 nights of accommodation. Its the best Australia East coast tour.

Another totally amazing tour for those backpacking Australia is our 28 Day Sydney to Cairns East Coast Adventure tour.

Again, for those 18- 39 this 4-week East Coast Oz Adventure Tour is EPIC! And includes being a marine biologist for the day to help protect the Great Barrier Reef. Plus some fun partying in Surfers paradise. You can also combo this tour with a jobs package to help you find work in Australia. Perfect backpacker East Coast Tour.

Choose one of our East Coast Australia Tours today or ask us for a tailor-made package.


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