1 Day Grampians Great Escape Tour

    Explore mountains ranges, waterfalls and encounter wildlife on this Grampians Tour

    Enjoy exploring one of the world’s oldest most spectacular mountain ranges on our Grampians day tour from Melbourne. The area is full of native wildlife, including kangaroos, emus and birdlife, so be sure to keep your eyes open! Travel to the delightful town of Halls Gap & take a stunning walk through Wonderland Ranges. Learn about the fascinating Indigenous culture at the Brambuk Aboriginal Cultural Centre. View the remarkable Jaws of Death, Balconies Lookout and walk to the base of the magnificent Mackenzie Falls.

    Journey with us to the Grampians or Gariwerd, one of Australia’s ancient and spectacular mountain ranges. Known as Gariwerd by local Indigenous people. Enjoy the breathtaking views and amazing landscapes. Learn and appreciate the rich Aboriginal heritage. Encounter native wildlife and fascinatingly lush vegetation of the Grampians National Park.

    On our Grampians Tour to the National Park, witness the spectacles of sandstone ridges, rugged mountain ranges, panoramic views, picturesque waterfalls, and the bustling plant and animal life. Travel into the heart of the Grampians National Park tour, one of the world’s oldest and most spectacular mountain ranges. Rich in Aboriginal history and culture significance surrounded by an abundance of Australian wildlife, and prepare yourself for some seriously breath-taking scenery. Enjoy bushland hiking trails with the best lookout views the Grampians National Park has to offer.

    Enjoy the breathtaking views and amazing landscapes.

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    Grampians Eco Wilderness Escape

    Adult 18+( 18 - 99 ) $140
    Child 6-11( 6 - 11 ) $110
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      Grampians Day Tour

      Get lost with us in the Grampians where we hike on the bushland trails to experience some breathtaking scenery and encounter Australian wildlife in their natural habitats. In this Grampians tour, we climb up to the Boroka Lookout and slither to the Reeds Lookout. We also stroll down the McKenzie Falls or Silverband Falls. Then we chill out at the Jaws of Death or Balconies Views. At around 7 or 8 in the morning, we begin our journey from Melbourne to the Grampians National Park. Located 235 kilometers west of Melbourne, the Grampians is an ancient mountain that is home to abundant Australian wildlife, lush vegetation, and rich Aboriginal history and culture. The mountain ranges are simply spectacular and the scenery amazing! We head straight into the heart of the Grampians, the Halls Gap. Throughout the journey be always on alert. Watch out for various species of birds in the woodlands and open forests. There are more than 200 avian species in the Grampians aside from 35 mammal species, 28 reptile types, and much more. Always on the lookout for wild animals such as the kangaroos, koalas, possums, and wallabies to name a few. See the beautiful wildflowers in spring among the over 800 native plant species. Then we visit the award-winning Brambuk Aboriginal Cultural Centre. Learn about everything Aboriginal and the natural environment of the Grampians. Know more about the over 5000 years history of the Aboriginal people and appreciate the richness of their cultural heritage, arts, and traditions. Listen to the stories and tales of the origins of Gariwerd, the local name for the Grampians. We make sure you enjoy your Grampians tour with great food and wonderful scenery. We have a lunch picnic at the Boroka Lookout where you can enjoy some breathtakingly spectacular mountain views. Then we follow the trails to get to Reeds Lookout overlooking Victoria Valley, Victoria Range, Serra Range, Lake Wartook, and the Mt Difficult Range. So you better ready your cameras and your lenses. In the afternoon, we will spend some time in the “Jaws of Death” also known as the Balconies, the landscape scene that appeared in the Japanese anime “Princess Mononoke”. Then we stroll down to the base of McKenzie Falls or Silverband Falls. Enjoy the waterfalls and capture some images of the cascades against the rocks and the green vegetation. In this heavenly paradise on earth, experience the magic and the soothing music of the waterfalls, the fresh breeze passing through ancient trees, and the birds. Immerse yourself in the experience and calm your restless soul. Be refreshed and rejuvenated. Reflect on the eventful day full of action, fun, and adventure. As we drive back to Melbourne we have a stopover for dinner along the way. The meal is at your own expense.

      What To Bring
      Important Booking Info
      • Visit Brambuk Aboriginal Cultural Centre
      • Experience wildlife encounters with kangaroos & emus
      • Visit Reeds or Boroka Lookout
      • Visit McKenzie Falls or Silverband Falls
      • Walk out to the Balconies lookout and Jaws of Death
      • Guided Bushwalks and hikes
      • Explore the town of Hal

      Essential things to pack

      • Bottle of water
      • Sunscreen and hat
      • Comfortable walking shoes
      • All weather warm cool clothing
      • Camera

      Important Booking Info

      • Due to the nature of the trip, please be reminded that this Grampians National Park Tour is not suitable for children below 8 years old for safety reasons.
      • Make sure you are physically fit for this Grampians tour because there will be a lot of nature walks. So be ready with your comfortable walking shoes and water bottle.

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