Litchfield National Park

Explore the tropical wonder of Litchfield National Park.

Litchfield National Park is the closest National Park to the Northern Territory’s largest city, Darwin. It’s 100km from Darwin down the highway. This access means it gets a lot of visitors, but also for good reason. The numerous waterfalls and habitats here make it an interesting place to visit, an environment similar but also quite different to Kakadu National Park.

The more popular waterfalls to visit include Florence, Wangi and Tolmer Falls. These waterfalls have easy access, some you can almost park at the plunge pool at the base of the waterfall. The shaded pools create a cooler micro-climate which is appreciated year-round.

Buley Rockhole is another popular attraction. It’s a series of cascading plunge pools of a creek that visitors can sit and cool off in while the rushing water swirls around.

Most tours that also travel to Kakadu National Park also include time at Litchfield National Park as part of their itinerary. There is also a dedicated 1 day Litchfield National Park day tour for those short on time or looking for a great day out from Darwin.

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