Grampians National Park, Victoria

Grampians National Park Tours

The Grampians National Park in western Victoria, Australia, and the sandstone peaks that make up the area rise up out of the plains as you get closer. It’s quite stark at times with green trees on the hills predominating above the drier flat farmland that surrounds the park.

There are a number of walks to lookout points, points of Aboriginal significance and occupation, and to waterfalls in the area. The landscape is broken up by a series of lakes which are still only partially drained after the last ice age 10 000 years ago. The region was first explored in 1840 by Charles Sturt who named it Mount Sturt after his mentor, explorer Charles Sturt. Today there are numerous walking trails around Lake Cervantes, the local wetlands or through other parts of the national park.

You’ll often see native wildlife like kangaroos too especially around the small town of Halls Gap, the main starting point for access into the park.

What to do in Grampians National Park?

There are many hiking options throughout the park including one called the Royal Gorge Walk. This is a four-hour walk from near Taggerty station along an old railway line that leads you past a number of historic sites and into the main part of the park where there are spectacular views across Lake Cervantes towards the imposing Mount King George.

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