Kangaroo Island

Explore and visit Kangaroo Island on tour.

Kangaroo Island is only a couple of hours from Adelaide in South Australia but its environment and wildlife seem a world away. 

You will travel to the Fleurieu Peninsula before boarding a ferry to the island. The drive from Adelaide to the Ferry Terminal at Cape Jervis will take around 1.5 hours through the picturesque Fleurieu Peninsula. The ferry ride from Cape Jervis to Kangaroo Island is 45 minutes.

The island isn’t small, it’s the third largest in Australia and 150km long. That means lots of things to see and habitats from the coast to the island to explore.

Native wildlife is one of the main reasons people visit the island. You will probably see wild kangaroos, echidna, geese, various bird species, seals as well as walking on the beach with sea lions at Seal Bay.

The coastline is in itself an attraction with Remarkable Rocks being particularly, er, remarkable and impressive especially considering their position on an exposed coastal peninsula.

Vivonne Bay is regularly voted as one of the best beaches in Australia and is a popular place to swim in the warmer summer months.

All overnight tours travelling to Kangaroo Island use accommodation, there’s no camping, because of the temperate climate. This creates a comfortable environment for all ages and fitness levels. We have different levels of accommodation on our Kangaroo Island tours.

On our 2 Day Kangaroo Island Wildlife Tour you will stay at our famous farm stay. Plenty of wildlife spotting in the evening. This accommodation is a pretty budget option with no frills, but the perfect authentic Australian experience.

You will stay in a hotel if you take our 2 Day Best of Kangaroo Island Coach and Hotel Tour. Take a comfortable coach around Kangaroo Island and stay in style at one of the hotels on the island.

If you are short on time you can still visit Kangaroo Island. Our One day highlights tour is very popular for those who would like to explore the best bits of Kangaroo Island.

So much native bushland on Kangaroo Island has been spared the damage done by foxes and rabbits, ensuring the integrity of native bushland.

Visit Emu Ridge on Kangaroo Island. Emu Ridge Eucalyptus Oil distillery and shop has been a popular Kangaroo Island tourist attraction since 1991.

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When in South Australia plan a trip to Kangaroo Island.


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