Twelve Apostles

Twelve Apostles Tours in Australia

Visit the Twelve Apostles on tour on the Great Ocean Road from Melbourne.

Although there aren’t actually twelve rock formations that make up this collection of limestone rock pillars eroded from the coastline in southern Victoria, they are still a spectacular site at sunset or any time of the day. The structures are slowly eroding into the ocean, but over time more pillars will be created as the southern ocean relentlessly crashes into the coastline.

Twelve Apostles tours are a must-do for anyone that visits Victoria, Australia. The Twelve Apostles are limestone stacks off the coast of Port Campbell, Victoria.

The Apostles were created by the natural erosion of the coastline by the sea. They are just offshore from the Great Ocean Road and are known as one of Australia’s most famous landmarks.

You will see the Twelve Apostles on any tour that departs between Melbourne and Adelaide in both directions. We have a variety of Twelve Apostles Tours. Our most popular type of tour are the one-day tour from Melbourne to see the Twelve Apostles on tour.


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