If you are spending your working holiday or gap year in Australia and landing in Melbourne we have the perfect work and travel packages.

Take the stress out of the first week in Australia with our Welcome to Melbourne arrival package. 7 days in Melbourne with airport transfers, the fun stuff like wildlife experiences, surf lessons, awesome fun guides plus the serious stuff employment assistance and the Aussie bank set up. After this week you will be fully inducted into Australian culture, have a group of new friends and be organised for the rest of your working holiday. 

The arrival packages are also perfect for those coming to Australia for a few months to travel, gives you a good introduction to Melbourne and a great start to your Aussie adventures.

Melbourne is a great place to start your Aussie adventure as it is so diverse. Immerse yourself in culture, sport and great coffee. This city is a good starting point to head on our other tours after your Melbourne intro week, take a tour on the Great Ocean Road to Adelaide or head to the bright lights of Sydney. Plus you will find the flights cheaper from the Uk and Europe straight into Melbourne.

Check out our Work and Travel Packages from Melbourne below.