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We have true adventure experiences starting from Exmouth to take you into the ancient and magical Karijini National Park. 

When access to Karijini National Park from Tom Price opened up with the Marandoo Road in 1993,  day tours of the Park and Gorges could happen from Tom Price. So on our 4 days Exmouth to Karijini National Park tour we base ourselves at the Tom Price Tourist Park to eat and sleep and head into the park each day.  Karijini National Park is one of Western Australia’s well-known tourist destinations, famous for its stunning gorges, waterways and diverse wildlife. Natural landscapes are amazing to behold, but there is also so much native Australian wildlife to spot whilst in the Park. Karijini is home to many Australian animals including; kangaroos, rock wallabies, echidnas, goannas, geckos, snakes and a wide variety of birds. Make sure when on your Karijini tour you appreciate these wonderful creatures.

Your mind will be blown in Karijini National Park with all the Gorges to visit. Dales Gorge offers a  trail that winds along the top of the gorge providing several scenic lookouts to the pools and junctions below. The walk through the gorge itself is well marked and easily accessible. Circular Pool and Fern Pool are located at each end of the trail. Both of these stunning swimming holes are special places to the local Aboriginal people, and it is not difficult to see why. Quite simply, they both evoke a sense of wonder and amazement. Knox Gorge is one of the hidden gems of Karijini. Deep red and purple rocks walls with distinctive iron banded rock formations and several clear swimming pools made this an unexpected highlight of our visit. At its end, Knox Gorge narrows into a spectacular ravine with views to Junction Pool below. A large dead gum tree lies wedged several metres in the air – a reminder of the powerful forces of nature and the flash floods that can fill these gorges in minutes. Joffre Gorge offers easy views from the lookout, with a steep descent down onto a rocky beach at its base. Early morning is the best time to photograph this waterfall before the sun shines into the pool and it becomes busy with swimmers. Kalamina is a pleasant and gentle walk. With a wide base and flat slate-like rocks, a steady water course trickles over terraces and steps, ending at Rock Arch Pool. Although impressive, Kalamina has less eye-catching features than some of it’s more famous neighbours. There is some great detail in the cracks and fissures that make up the gentle falls.

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Circular Pool in Karijini National Parl

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With its spectacular gorges, amazing rock patterns, colors and gorgeous swimming holes, Karijini National Park makes for the ultimate Reef to Range experience when combined with World Heritage Ningaloo Reef. Take our 4 Day Exmouth to Karijini National Park Tour for a full adventure in Western Australia.

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