Stu Pass - Brisbane to Cairns Hop On Hop Off Tour

Hop on hop off means you can choose your own adventure on the East Coast.

You can be flexible and stop and stay in towns or destinations for a few days or weeks. Then get back on the tour and go a bit further. You do not have to complete the pass in a fixed time limit or with the same group of people the whole trip.
It's up to you how long you take to do this East Coast trip maybe 3 weeks maybe 3 months.

This trip takes in the whole East Coast from Brisbane to Cairns so book your pass....start it and then see what happens. Have no plans and just go with the flow. You'll travel with fun, like-minded people, and meet our amazing drivers and guides. It's your choice, your way. Our Brisbane to Cairns tour departs often with a great mixture of international travellers on board. A perfect chance to make friends, see the East Coast of Australia and take your time to travel.

We work with local operators and communities to create sustainable, authentic experiences with positive change for all. You can change your plans and itinerary. You can hop off in and stay longer at any of our stops along the way as you want for up to 12 months.

You will meet local Australians and other travellers, be part of our traveller community on and offline. We are continually hunting out and creating our own authentic, off the beaten track, stop-overs and activities that aren’t in the guidebooks or on TripAdvisor. Get the most out of your travels through local guides and Loka’s groundbreaking technology. Our fun and enthusiastic guides get involved with your travel experiences, and our unique technology provides destination info, activity/accommodation booking service, reviews from other travellers and the ability to book yourself on and off the Stray Australia bus/transport.

Smaller group sizes on the East Coast mean it’s easier to meet other travelers, you don’t feed herded around and it allows us to include connections to off the beaten track things which can’t be accessed by individuals traveling on public transport or with mainstream travel companies.

Real Adventure Group Real People
Real Aussie Says:
EATING: You can organise your own food (by yourself or with the group) at most stops, however at Loka’s main unique stops your meals are included with the night’s accommodation in a package price (vegetarian/gluten free options available). ALL TRIPS ARE GUIDED BY LOCAL AUSTRALIANS The driver is the guide on your bus sections; the guides also travel with you on other transport. They are there to help you get the most out of your trip – point you in the right direction, find wildlife, teach local dance moves… LIKE-MINDED TRAVELLERS this Brisbane to Cairns tour is about adventure and getting involved. We don’t define by age but our trips are quite active. We get travellers from all over the world, people travelling by themselves, couples and groups. Our average group size is 15 – 20, so you aren’t part of a crowd but always have people to share things with if you want.

Stu Pass - Brisbane to Cairns Hop On Hop Off Tour
Tour itinerary - 9 Days

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We are open, and we are taking bookings. Due to the uncertain nature of Covid-19 however, we are not taking payment for any bookings until 90-days before departure when we can be certain of all travel #travellater #booknow

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Trips departs Brisbane to Cairns:

Wednesday - Minimum 8 days (Free day at Magnetic Island)
Friday - Minimum 9 days (Free days at Emu Park & Tully)
Sunday - Minimum 8 days (Free day at Magnetic Island)


This trip can also be run in reverse

Chill out on the beautiful Noosa beach on the Sunshine Coast

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Important Notes

Things you need to know about this tour
  • You can break your journey at any of the stops through any of the travel days and just connect with a later Stray Australia bus or rail departure (guided or unguided). You can book your own accommodation or your guide will book it for you, you will usually get a bed-only option (averaging $28 per person per night), a twin/double option (averaging $100 per room) or where due to remoteness there is a package price for meals food and activities where applicable.
  • Travel passes are valid for travel in one direction over a route with each travel sector only being able to be used once.
  • Passes are valid for the person whose name they were originally issued in and are non-transferrable.
  • Passes are valid for twelve months from the date of your departure.
  • Guides travel on all routes on the set departure days – but you can travel on the train on other days without a guide.
  • You can only access the unique transfers and activities when travelling with the guide.
  • There is a minimum of three departures per week over all routes.
  • For specific departure days and times please see the Stray Australia timetable on the pass pages.
  • Accommodation and meals are not included in the pass price.

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