12 Day Vietnam Tour

If the thought of just 9 days in Vietnam leaves you wanting more exploration, adventure, and culture; this is the trip for you! You’ll enjoy all that the Vietnam 9 day venture has to offer, with an added 3 days soaking up Southern Vietnam. Your tour will see you underground exploring historic tunnels, traveling by boat and canoe through deltas overhung by lush greenery and of course, immersing yourself in Vietnam's vibrant culture.


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VietnamIntro is an amazing 9 or 12 day group tour from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City! You'll get breathtaking accommodation including a stay on a private island, amazing and unique activities, a group leader with you from the moment you step off the plane and an awesome group of new friends!

12 Day Vietnam Tour
Tour itinerary - 12 Days

  • Day 1 Hanoi
    After arriving in Hanoi airport today we will greet you and take you to the hostel to meet the group. If you have time today to explore Hanoi take a wander down the bustling streets, famed to be the mot beautiful city in all of Asia you will see plenty of french influence in this colonial town. Get to know the group at dinner, your first taste of the delicious Vietnamese cuisine and then we head out to experience some of Hanoi’s famous nightlife.
  • Day 2 Hanoi
    Today it’s time to explore Hanoi. We take a Rickshaw tour of the city, in and out of the vibrant streets. So much to see with every turn you take, watch the locals go about their business, taste some yummy street food, and soak in the culture. (B, L)
  • Day 3 Ha Long Bay
    We board an overnight boat and travel along the characteristic Emerald Green waters of Asia, before arriving in the beautiful Ha Long Bay. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is Vietnam’s premier natural destination, boasting breathtaking views and picturesque landscapes. The warm waters are scattered with towering islands and provide the perfect opportunity for swimming, kayaking, caving and the chance to do some nighttime squidding! (B,L,D)
  • Day 4 Ha Long Bay Private Island Stay
    Enjoy a seasoned breakfast before spending your day at the heart of Ha Long bay, revelling in its natural beauty and vast untouched landscapes. We then board an overnight train to our next destination, Hue. (B, L)
  • Day 5 Ha Long Bay & Ninh Binh Homestay
    We depart the Ha Long Bay boat mid-morning and head to the beautiful countryside of Ninh Binh. This landscape has endless rice paddie fields and epic limestone mountains. At Ninh Binh we stay at a homestay and once you are all settled in there we will watch the sunset over this unique and peaceful part of the world. (L)
  • Day 6 Ninh Binh & Overnight Train
    Today we enjoy scenic views of Vietnam's Ninh Binh. You will take a bike ride through the countryside before boarding a local row boat. Here we cruise the canals and caves. In the evening we we travel by train to Hoi An overnight. (B)
  • Day 7 Arrive in Hoi An
    Hoi An’s World Heritage listing is no surprise, as the city is a showcase of both natural wonders and amazing architecture. You can spend the day exploring Hoi An. Checking out the small shops where you can get clothes made, from a selection of designs and colourful cloths. Go for traditional spring rolls for lunch. Then spend the afternoon sitting in one of the small cafes and watch the world pass you by whilst you enjoy a traditional drip Vietnamese coffee. In the evening walk along the river and marvel at the lanterns. (B)
  • Day 8 Hoi An, Basket Boat Tour with Crab Fishing and Cooking Class
    There’s no better way to explore Vietnam’s serene countryside than by bicycle. Today you’ll pedal past rice paddies, lush greenery, coconut groves and get the chance to give crabbing a go! A traditional fisherman will guide you. Then its off to learn the secret of amazing Vietnamese food at a cooking class. (B,L)
  • Day 9 Fly to Ho Chi Minh City
    After a quick transfer back to Da Nang we catch a short flight to the southern city of Ho Chi Minh City and arrive early afternoon. Spend your time exploring a bit more of Ho Chi Minh, commonly known as Saigon. Take some time on foot to visit the central post office with its wonderful architecture and maps on the walls, buy your stamps here and send your postcards home. Take a walk across the road to see the Notre Dame Cathedral and the statue of Ho Chi Minh himself. (B)
  • Day 10 Mekong Delta
    Meander through the Mekong Delta by canoe; a delta drawn by winding rivers, overhung by lush greenery and home to floating markets,rice paddies and farms. (B)
  • Day 11 Cu Chi Tunnels
    Today we take a visit to the Cu Chi tunnels, you’ll learn the stories of Vietnam's rich history. These tunnels were once used in the Vietnam War as hideouts, homes and supply routes but are now open for exploration (B,D)
  • Day 12 Check Out and Onward Travel Help
    Today we check out and say our goodbyes before heading to the airport. Your guide will assist you with any onward travel plans and show you how to book the airport shuttle. Leave with fantastic memories of your time in Vietnam with us. (B)
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Important Notes

Things you need to know about this tour
  • All other meals, drinks and travel insurance (compulsory) are not included
  • Group leaders will assist passengers with their transfers and further travel
  • We recommend arriving into Hanoi on the start date as there are no included activities this day
  • Private room upgrades available on request.
  • Visa is not included. Its your responsibility to ensure you have appropriate documentation for entry into Vietnam
  • Please book 21 days in advance and provide passport details on booking.
  • 32Kg luggage limit on internal flight
  • Travel Insurance for Vietnam is compulsory to join VietnamIntro. Your Group Leader will ask to see proof of your cover before your trip begins.

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