14 day India Group Tour

India is like nowhere else on earth. The vibrant colors of the buildings and clothes, the smells of spices and incense, the sights of majestic monuments & temples are all part of daily life. By joining this tour you will journey through some of the most renowned cities in northern India. You’ll explore the food markets of Old Delhi with a local guide, make a flower offering at sunset on the Ganges in the holy city of Varanasi, and get lost in the winding alleys of Jodhpur; the Blue City. We’ll take you for a blessing by a Brahmin priest in the desert city of Pushkar where we ride camels in the dunes, walk through local villages in the outskirts of Udaipur, and have sunset and sunrise at the Taj Mahal plus much more. This tour across Delhi, Varanasi, and through Rajasthan will truly be an experience like no other.

14 day India Group Tour
Tour itinerary - 14 Days

  • Day 1 Arrive to India
    Welcome to India, a country that requires little introduction. Unrivaled cultures awash
    throughout the huge sub-continent, giving rise to phenomenal food, warm people, incredible
    diversity and immersive architecture influenced by religion, pride, patriotism and history.
    Walking around the streets of India can feel like a trip through time, watching brahmins wash
    in the rivers of the Ganges one morning and then glimpsing sun rays bounce of the glistening
    white marble walls of the Taj Mahal the next. This is India.
    Arrive any time throughout the day and meet your group leader in your hotel in the heart of
    New Delhi. Tonight we’ll venture out as a group for our welcome dinner and our first chance
    to sample that famous Indian Cuisine.
    Accommodation: Twin Rooms
    Inclusions: Welcome Dinner
    Optional Activities: N/A
    Meals: Dinner
  • Day 2 Delhi Day Tour and Overnight to Varanasi
    After breakfast, we’ll head out with our local guide through the streets of Delhi and get our
    first real introduction into Indian life. Our first stop is a beautiful Sikh Temple which your local
    legend will tour you around and educate you on this important religion and culture. You’ll
    then step into the huge mass kitchen, where Sikh’s provide free meals daily to residents of
    the city. Watch how thousands of Chapatti’s are made and stir the giant curry pots yourself.
    After lunch, we’ll then head to the illustrious Lotus Temple, wander around the gardens
    before heading inside for a moment of silence to reflect on your reasons for visiting this great
    country. In the evening we’ll take our first overnight train to the oldest inhabited city in the
    Accommodation: Overnight Train - A/C Class
    Inclusions: Delhi City tour with local guide
    Optional Activities: N/AMeals: Breakfast & Packed Dinner
  • Day 3 Welcome to Varanasi
    Prepare for a real attack on the senses as we visit one of the holiest cities in the world. This
    is a true Indian city where cows roam the street, Tuk Tuks provide a symphony on the roads,
    narrow alleyways with tall buildings almost block out the sunlight and form a maze close to
    the Ganges River. Hindu priests bathed in grey ash wash in the holy waters and bodies burn
    as cremations to the Hindu Gods. After we arrive, we’ll check into a traditional homestay,
    feast on breakfast and relax before our venture into the madness. Our new local legend will
    guide us around the streets before we finish with a relaxing sunset cruise on the river and
    watch the daily Brahmin Ceremony on the banks on the Ganges. We’ll finish the day with a
    family dinner at the homestay and get some well deserved rest.
    Accommodation: Double/Twin/Triple/Quad Rooms
    Inclusions: Varanasi Heritage Walk, Sunset Boat Cruise with offerings and visiting the
    Ganga Arti Ceremony, visit to the Burning Ghats
    Optional Activities: N/A
    Meals: Breakfast & Dinner
  • Day 4 Sunset at the Taj Mahal
    In the morning, feel free to take advantage of the optional sunrise boat ride on the river. After
    breakfast we’ll check out and head to the airport to take a flight to Agra, home to a wonder of
    the world. On arrival we’ll check into our hotel and then take Tuk Tuks to a quiet garden
    south of the Taj to view this magnificent structure away from the crowds at sunset. Tomorrow
    we’ll head inside, but today is all about enjoying the beauty that this building has to offer.
    We’ll grab dinner in the evening and get an early night as we are up for sunrise tomorrow.
    Accommodation: Double/Twin Rooms
    Inclusions: Domestic Flight with 15kgs check-in luggage, all transport, Taj Mahal
    Sunset Viewing from across the river
    Optional Activities: Sunrise Boat Cruise Varanasi, Agra Fort
    Meals: Breakfast
  • Day 5 Sunrise visit to the Taj Mahal and travel to Jaipur
    An early start today as we wake up at the crack of dawn to head to the Taj Mahal in an
    attempt to beat the crowds and see this place in almost perfect silence. Your new local guide
    will show you the best spots to see the building, where Princess Diana took that famous shot
    and of course the fascinating story of romance behind one of the world’s most recognisable
    buildings. We’ll get to walk inside and learn all the secrets that most people don’t know about
    what makes the Taj Mahal just that more special. After, we’ll head back to the hotel for
    breakfast and jump on a day train to Jaipur to complete our visit to the Golden Triangle. On
    arrival to Jaipur we’ll make our way to our stunning traditional accommodation in the heart of
    the old town and then watch a Bollywood movie the way the director intended it to be
    watched, in one of the grandest theatres in the world.
    Accommodation: Double/Twin Rooms
    Inclusions: Sunrise at the Taj Mahal, Bollywood Movie
    Optional Activities: N/A
    Meals: Breakfast
  • Day 6 Jaipur
    After breakfast in the hotel, our guide will meet us to take us on an orientation walk of the old
    town. We’ll get to visit the local market, understand the origins of the “Pink City”, meet some
    locals and market traders, learn all about the spices that are synonymous to Indian cooking
    and view the excellent Palace of the Winds. We’ll then all jump in Tuk Tuks to visit Galta-Ji,
    or otherwise known as the Monkey Temple. A temple built into the hills that is the home to
    hundreds of grey long tailed Asian monkeys. We’ll then come back to Jaipur where you will
    then have the rest of the day free to explore the other sites of this famous city.
    Accommodation: Double/Twin Rooms
    Inclusions: Orientation Walk of City and Market, Galta-Ji Monkey Temple
    Optional Activities: Leopard Safari, Jantar Mantar, Jaipur City Palace, Amber Fort
    Meals: Breakfast
  • Day 7 Travel to Pushkar and Sunset on the lake
    After breakfast in the morning, we’ll then take the bus to Pushkar, known as the holiest town
    in India after Varanasi, Pushkar is a backpacker’s paradise with amazing food, beautiful
    markets, rolling landscapes, hiking and unrivalled sunsets over the holy central lake. Tonight
    we sleep in the desert in a purpose-built campsite with huge tents fitted with comfortable
    beds. In the afternoon, a local Brahmin will induct you to Pushkar properly with a blessing on
    the lake, we’ll then grab a drink at a lakeside cafe before heading back to camp to sleep
    under the stars.
    Accommodation: Double/Twin Rooms
    Inclusions: Pushkar Orientation Walk and Brahmin Blessing by holy lake
    Optional Activities: N/A
    Meals: Breakfast: Breakfast
  • Day 8 Pushkar
    Today we have the whole day to drink in the essence of this great little town. Take an
    optional sunrise hike to a temple for imperious views of the city and lake at sunrise or take
    up some yoga on the deck of the infinity pool, the morning is truly yours. Around noon, we’ll
    shuttle everyone into Pushkar for free time to explore the town at your leisure. Browse the
    markets, take a yoga class, or simply read a book on the steps by the lake. We’ll then head
    back to camp to take a camel safari through the desert at sunset. On returning we’ll work
    with some local villagers to learn how to cook traditional Indian cuisine.
    Accommodation: Double/Twin Rooms
    Inclusions: Camel desert safari, Cooking dinner with locals
    Optional Activities: Sunrise Hike, Yoga Class
    Meals: Breakfast & Dinner
  • Day 9 Travel to Jodhpur
    Today we wave goodbye to Pushkar and take an afternoon train to the home of the blue city,
    Jodhpur. On arrival in the evening, we’ll transfer to our traditional Haveli accommodation.
    Haveli’s used to be the go-to stopovers for travelling royalty in India and each comes
    equipped with beautiful Indian architecture and art often with a throwback to the centuries
    gone with a modern flavour for more comfort. Our Haveli is situated in the middle of the blue
    city where the walls are painted blue throughout this labyrinth of buildings in the shadow of
    the ever imposing Mehrangarh Fort. After checking in, we’ll meet on the rooftop for dinner to
    catch our first glimpse of one of our favourite cities in Rajasthan.
    Accommodation: Double/Twin Rooms
    Inclusions: N/A
    Optional Activities: Sunrise Yoga
    Meals: Breakfast
  • Day 10 Mehrangarh Fort, Blue City Walk and Street Food Classics
    We’ll give you the morning free to relax after the travelling yesterday. Venture on a walk
    around the blue city (don’t forget your camera), take a rooftop yoga class or for those more
    adventurous, zip line over the ramparts of the Jodhpur fort. We’ll meet in the early afternoon
    and walk to the Mehrangarh fort together with our local guide. Your guide will show you
    around the immaculately kept fort and along with your audio guide, we’re sure you’ll leave
    this place with a fantastic sense of Indian Royal life. After, we’ll walk through the blue city
    and stop off at the Jodhpur stepwell, an impressive feat of ancient stone work before walking
    around the clock tower market to sample some famous Saffron Lassi and delicious
    samosas. We’ll then make our way back to our accommodation to finish the day.
    Accommodation: Double/Twin Rooms
    Inclusions: Mehrangarh Fort, Blue City Tour, Jodhpur Step-Well visit, Market & Food
    Optional Activities: Sunrise Yoga, Flying Fox Zipline, Blue City Photography Walking
    Meals: Breakfast & Dinner
  • Day 11 Travel to Udaipur
    Today we’ll be taking an 8 am bus to Udaipur and arriving around 2pm, perfect for checking
    in to your central accommodation. Udaipur is known as the “White City” as well as the city of
    lakes and you’ll see why on arrival, it is also the location for filming the James Bond film,
    Octopussy! The lakes and palace-like structures provide a perfect balance between the
    hectic and the tranquil and no better way to experience this is with a walk through the
    markets and old town and finishing with a private sunset cruise on the lake. After, we’ll then
    head to one of our favourite rooftop restaurants for dinner with a view.
    Accommodation: Double/Twin Rooms
    Inclusions: Udaipur Orientation Walk, Private Sunset Boat Cruise on Lake Pitchola
    Optional Activities: N/A
    Meals: Breakfast
  • Day 12 Local Village Visit, Bike Tour and Free time
    An early start today as we head out of town to take a fantastic bike ride through typical
    Indian Villages. A well known saying in India is that “You haven’t seen India until you’ve seen
    the villages” and we could not agree more since 80% of the population live out here. Our
    local guide is from the village and so will introduce you to the ways the locals live, teach you
    about their survival, culture and heritage as well as show us the local temples important to
    village life. We’ll also get to visit a local school during our time in this area. After, we’ll head
    back to town to check out and we’ll give you the rest of the day free to take one last trip
    around the markets or grab a beer in a rooftop. We’ll be taking our final overnight train
    tonight, so make sure to make the most of your final day in Rajasthan.
    Accommodation: Overnight Train - A/C Class
    Inclusions: Bike Ride with village visit, school visit
    Optional Activities: Udaipur City Palace
    Meals: Breakfast
  • Day 13 Old Delhi Food Tour and “Wedding Street”
    We’ll arrive back into New Delhi in the morning, drop off our bags at the hotel and grab some
    breakfast. We’ll check in as early as we can and allow the afternoon for rest after your long
    trip from Udaipur. In the evening our final local legend will accompany us to Old Delhi, a city
    lost in time but abound with scrumptious delicacies. Our guide will educate us on the area,
    fill our bellies with Indian sweets and snacks and then arrange for us to take Rickshaws
    through Chowa Chowak to Mutton Street for us to finish with some of the most delicious
    skewers and Islamic food available. We’ll then head to a bar for our final night together
    before making our way back to our accommodation for a well-earned rest.
    Accommodation: Double/Twin Rooms
    Inclusions: Old Delhi Food tour, Rickshaw Rides
    Optional Activities: N/A
    Meals: Breakfast & Dinner
  • Day 14 Depart
    Today is our final day together in fantastic India. Your local guide can help you arrange
    transport to the airport to whatever destination you are off to next. We hope we have shown
    you why India is a dream location for most people, why Indian food should be on the top of
    everyone’s cuisine bucket lists and why India holds so much more than you could have ever
    imagined. Have a safe journey to where-ever you are off to next and always remember to
    Accommodation: N/A
    Meals: Breakfast
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