Journey through Japan. 

Start in hectic Tokyo getting to know one of the worlds craziest cities. then head to Mt Fuji, Kyoto and Osaka. 

Japan is such a marvellous country where around every corner its offering thousands of years of culture mixed with an ultra modern twist.  With totally modern architecture in the high tech cities and tradition in the more rural areas, the mix is intoxicating. Japan has beautiful temples and gardens which are often contrasted with contemporary artworks and shops selling the most progressive products. The food in Japan is well known throughout the world, but where best to eat it than in its original setting. Sushi, of course, is the most famous cuisine from Japan, essentially raw fish served on rice with a seasoning of vinegar. Sushi has the most humble of origins as a street food, so that's how we recommend you enjoy it on tour in Japan. Ramen is Japan's late-night dish which is a salty broth of egg noodles. It has been imported from China, but of course, the Japanese have brought their own flare to it. Tempura is another favorite, you may have already tried at home. But in Japan, this light and fluffy deep-fried food do not disappoint. For something a little more left field give Unagi a try, this is the river eel grilled with some BBQ sauce. May to October is the best time for fresh Unagi, so enjoy the smells coming from restaurants as they grill it over the charcoals. Take part in the ritual that is eating in Japan as you travel around this fascinating country on tour.

Early spring is the most popular time of year to travel in Japan. We are now taking bookings for March and April 2020 and filling fast. This is due to the Cherry Blossoms. Its impossible to think of springtime in Japan without the image of the pink blossoms of the Cherry Tree. Very iconic Japanese. To get your own Cherry blossom selfie you need to visit in March and April to see the trees in full bloom.  Sakura is the Japanese word for Cherry Blossom. The blossoms have a special place in Japanese culture and have been celebrated for many years. This practice is called Hanami, which means looking at flowers. So to Hanami get booked on a tour of Japan for March or April.

Explore Japan on our adventure tours!

Welcome to the land of culture, a country with majestic mountains, crazy neon lights, world-class food and ancient and fascinating history

10 Day Japan Tour

No place on earth is quite like Japan.

Experience the magic of Japan over 10 days on this adventure tour. Perfect for the first time visitor to Japan. Hitting the best spots in 10 days in Japan will take you on an epic journey across the "land of the rising sun" visiting Tokyo, Hakone (Mt. Fuji), Takayama, Kyoto, and Osaka.

Visit Shinjuku Omoide Yokocho (Piss Alley)

13 Day Japan Adventure Tour

Tour from Tokyo to Kyoto on our small group adventure tour

From the neon lights of buzzing Tokyo to ancient temples on snowy mountain tops, Japan is a feast for the senses and this 13-day tour is the most amazing way to experience it!

Explore Japan’s beautiful countryside, with its shrines, temples and endless hiking trails

13 Day Japan Tokyo to Tokyo Adventure Tour

Action-packed itinerary in Japan! You will not only see all the main sights in Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, but also fully immerse yourself in Japanese culture.

Visit Japan and see all the major destinations,top-rated attractions plus a few hidden gems and off the beaten track inclusions. This means you will see it all on this 13-day adventure tour through Japan. Head from Toyko to Kyoto to Mount Fuji to Osaka and return to Toyko for a total immersion into the world of Japan.

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