Visit Esperance for beauty and beaches

Esperance is located in Western Australia and is famous for having the best beaches in Australia, with crystal clear waters. It is surrounded by wetlands of international importance, unique flora and fauna, and rugged archipelago. These natural wonders are just one of the many reasons people from all over the world keep returning to Esperance.

 Not only can you enjoy the stunning scenery in Esperance, but the city itself offers plenty of activities.  It is the place to be for sea, sun and adventure lovers.  There are plenty of trails to discover and the Esperance offers over 500kms of coastline, you might spot some native Australian wildlife on your journey.

You have the opportunity to go fishing, diving, sailing surfing, sandboarding, and explore Lake Hillier. The pink lake in Western Australia.  

Lake Hillier is well-known to people from all over the world and is a must-see highlight when you visit Esperance. It is the most famous and picturesque pink lake Western Australia.

West Australia has two pink lakes in the South West, which can cause some confusion. One is called Pink lake but unfortunately lost its color.  However, Lake Hillier still has its authentic pink color and is therefore unique in its kind.

The Pink Lake Western Australia is located close to Cape Arid National Park, can only be traveled too from Esperance. Not only can you view the Hillier Lake from the ground, but it can also be viewed by plane. This is an incredible and unique experience to view the famous pink lake from above, and will never fail to amaze you.