These tours are designed for guests who are looking for a sailing adventure with a smaller group of travellers.

On these tours the pace is more leisurely and there is more time to spend at each location. You will explore the amazing Whitehaven Beach and go snorkelling at two or three locations on the fringing coral reefs, plus go on guided bushwalks on the islands.

Guests are welcome to help the crew sail the yachts or just relax.

Help the crew set the sails on Prima

2 Day / 2 Night Adventure Sailing On Prima

Great for couples and travellers seeking a more intimate Whitsundays experience
Save $20. Book 60 days in advance of your departure date

The yacht Prima only takes a maximum of 12 people on board making it an intimate experience with a small group as you sail around the Whitsunday Islands. Snorkel among the breathtaking reefs and experience the thrill of sailing from one destination to the next. Visit Whitehaven Beach as well as all the other highlights in the marine park and around Hayman Island.

 Eureka II

2 day / 2 night Adventure Sailing on Eureka

For a small group Whitsunday Adventure which is 2 Days and 2 Nights Eureka is the boat for you.
Save up to $20. Book 60 days in advance of departure date

Eureka is a maxi yacht but also very comfortable with a smaller maximum group size of 15 people. Choose from single bunk or double accommodation.

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