Tour the Kimberley

The Kimberley region of northwest Australia is famed for its rugged beauty, isolation, weather, unique landforms, Aboriginal culture, and wildlife.

It's not a region that's easily visited. Most of the best highlights in the region are accessed on four-wheel drive roads. These roads are seasonally cut by the tropical weather systems. This means there's only ever 6 months a year when it's possible to visit this area overland.

It's worth the effort because of the World Heritage-listed Purnululu National Park (Bungle Bungles) is one of those unique places that is not easily forgotten. Its fragile geological structure and distinct beehive-like appearance are remarkable. For 2018 on our 8 day Broome to Darwin tour and the Broome to Broome tour we will be including a scenic flight over Purnululu National Park, so you can see these magnificent honeycomb structures from the air. You will then land by the Bungle Bungles and spend a few hours walking through Cathedral Cove and Echidna Chasm.

You'll be swimming in gorges and waterfalls cut into the landscape that in the dry season when you visit are tame waterholes to cool you from the heat. yet in the wet season are floodways. Our favorite in the Kimberley visited on both our styles of touring in this region are Manning Gorge, Emma Gorge, and Bell Gorge. All wonderful to hike into and swim at, the perfect way to cool off from the heat of the tropical north west. 

Aboriginal rock art is plentiful and distinct in style from other areas of the country, accessible and rich in story. Perhaps the intangible nature of camping hundreds of kilometers from the nearest towns under a canopy of stars will be an abiding memory of your time here.

Kimberley tours start from and finish in Darwin, Northern Territory, and Broome, Western Australia. We have many tours that visit The Kimberley region of Australia. These trips are 8 or 9 day 4WD camping adventures.

Read a more personal account of our recent Real Aussie trip on the Darwin to Broome Kimberley tour here: When to take a Kimberley tour.

Kimberley Family Tours

During the Australian School Holiday periods in 2018, we have specific departure dates on our regular tours where families with children from 8 yrs of age are welcome to join these tours. At other times the minimum age for travel on our  9 day Kimberley tours is 16 years.

Family Friendly Dates for 2018

Broome to Darwin 27 June to 5 July 2018
Broome to Darwin 4 July to 12 July 2018
Broome to Darwin 12 July to 20 July 2018
Broome to Darwin 23 September to 1 October 2018
Broome to Darwin 30 September to 8 October 2018
Darwin to Broome 1 July to 9 July 2018
Darwin to Broome 8 July to 16 July 2018
Darwin to Broome 15 July to 23 July 2018
Darwin to Broome 27 September to 4 October 2018
Darwin to Broome 4 October to 12 October 2018

Family Pricing for 2018
A child is classed as 7 to 16 years old.

Adult Rate: $2195 + $120 local payment
Child Rate: $1995 + $108 local payment
Children must travel with at least 1 adult.

Check out our Broome to Darwin or Darwin to Broome tours to book your family adventure for 2018.

On our 8 day Broome to Darwin and Broome to Broome tours we except children over the age of 12, so also perfect if you have teenagers and want to show them the wonder of this region of Australia.

Can I travel the Kimberley?

On our Kimberley tours, like all trips activities here at Real Aussie Adventures travel insurance is highly recommended. Problems requiring insurance are rare, however, situations can arise when you will be glad you have it, eg injuries, medical evacuations, loss or damage of personal items. Residents of Australia are generally covered for the cost of medical treatment including evacuation from remote areas. However, non-residents may incur very high costs, especially for evacuation. Travel Insurance can also be helpful for both residents and non-residents for the following purposes; An accident or sickness prior to the tour prevents you from joining the tour and we charge you cancellation fees. Your luggage is lost or damaged while on tour. You need to leave the tour because of an accident/ sickness. All travel insurance policies are different, it’s your responsibility to know what you are covered for. Get a quote for travel insurance here.

All our Kimberley tours require you to have a good level of fitness and sense of adventure. They involve camping outside under the stars in swags and preparing food and cooking as a group over the campfire. Kimberley tours are one of the most adventurous in Australia. They are exhilarating and special trips,  they are not for everyone. Expect to be spending long days hiking and swimming, expect to go on rougher roads, expect to sleep under the stars, expect to camp in seriously remote wilderness areas, expect to go without a shower. Expect to spend 4 – 5 hours traveling between destinations due to poor road conditions. Most campsites are located in remote areas with few to no facilities. Expect to have a very memorable and wonderful adventure!

The Kimberley season for 2018 is from April to October. We are currently taking Earlybird bookings for our 2018 season, with some popular dates already filling fast due to high demand and our small groups. If you require a private group charter or special date for your Kimberly tour please get in touch with us.

Check out our range of Kimberley tours below and get ready for a true Aussie Adventure!

Explore the wonder of the Kimberley region

9 Day 4WD Broome To Darwin Tour

A hiking and camping adventure from Broome to Darwin in a 4WD through the Kimberley wilderness

Travel in a 4WD vehicle from Broome to Darwin through the remote Kimberley region of northwest Australia along the dirt Gibb River Road. Venture off the beaten track and deep into the Western Australian wilderness to explore The Bungle Bungle National Park, Lake Argyle and plenty of lush waterfalls.

Explore Purnululu National Park

12 Day Kimberley Adventurer Broome to Broome

Explore the rugged and remote Kimberley outback in safety, comfort and style.

The ultimate ‘Kimberley Experience’. From tropical Broome to spectacular gorges and beyond, an outback tour that has the lot. Discover the history, culture, flora and fauna of Australia’s northwest as we travel the Gibb River Road, Bungle Bungles and so much more.

Driving in the remote northwest Kimberley region

9 Day 4WD Darwin To Broome Tour

This small group 4WD tour takes in all the Top End sights you can think of. Adventure tours don't get much better than this, with Lake Argyle and The Bungle Bungles being the highlights.

Travel through the remote Kimberley region of northwest Australia along the famous Gibb River Road to see Purnululu National Park (The Bungle Bungles National Park), Lake Argyle and gorgeous Gorges travelling with a small group in a 4WD vehicle. Start in Darwin and finish in Broome.

Sleep out under the stars in swags on the West Coast

20 Day Perth to Darwin Camping Adventure Tour

Adventure tour on the West Coast, take a 20 day trip from Perth Broome then Broome to Darwin.

West Coast adventure from Perth through to Darwin over 20 days. See the Pinnacles, Kalbarri National Park, Monkey Mia, Coral Bay, Exmouth and Karijini National Park. From Broome travel through the Kimberley visiting Tunnel Creek, Windjana Gorge, Bell Gorge, Edith Falls ending the adventure in Darwin. Get off the beaten track and camp on the wild west coast.