The day I went White Water Rafting in Australia is one I will never forget.


white water rafting4

I was a little unsure what to expect from the mighty Tully river and my first rafting experience. As it turned out, rafting in the rain makes the experience a whole lot more fun!

So with a pick up from in Mission Beach at 7:55am we took the short trip to the Raging Thunder office. The staff all looked and sounded like they knew what was going on so I set aside my concerns and got on with finding a nice pair of crocs to wear whilst on the river.

We hit the road following a winding road up the side of the Tully River where the trip was due to depart. Here we were given long-sleeve shirts to keep us warm in the water and life jackets to stop the numerous non-swimmers from sinking.

Down at the waters’ edge we were given a quick brief on how to hold the paddle, where to sit in the boat and how to hide from the rapids if things got too scary. As soon as our guide was semi-confident that everyone knew what they had to do to keep us all alive we set sail down the river in search of some danger.

We soon realised that the two guys at the front of our boat didn’t speak English quite as well as they’d made out. On the approach to our first set of rapids our guide told us all to paddle backwards but unfortunately this was lost in translation and they frantically started paddling forwards!  We all laughed as we tried to communicate together as a raft.

Despite this shaky start (which happened to be one of my personal highlights and i am still laughing about it now) the rest of the trip went relatively least until the final set of rapids came about and we all got thrown out of the boat but it was all part of the fun as far as most of us were concerned.

From start to finish the rafting was absolutely fantastic and I’d highly recommend it to anyone who is confident in the water, enjoys a bit of an adrenaline rush and wants to take in some of the awesome sights that the Tully region has to offer.

Although we only did the standard Tully rafting rather than the extreme version we still got thrown out of the boat and had a bit of a swim in the river. The main difference between the 2 tours is that the extreme rafting gives you the chance to do some cliff jumping, guarantees that you’ll fall out of the boat, last a little longer and has much smaller groups.

Highlight of the day the massive BBQ lunch :-D

Advice: if there is any uncertainty about their ability to swim then avoid the extreme rafting. None swimmers will be fine on either of the other tours as there’s always someone around to throw you a rope if you get into trouble.

I also found out that there ARE crocs in the Tully River but they tend not to hang around in the rapids so there’s no need to freak out if you fall out of the boat like one of the girls on our tour did!

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These tours can be taken from Cairns or Mission Beach.

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