It’s safe to say that Australia is home to some of the world’s most stunning underwater life.

All corners of the continent have something to exhibit- from rainbows of coral on the East coast, to Whale Sharks on the West.

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Ningaloo Reef

Located on the West coast of Australia- about a twelve-hour drive north from the capital city, Perth. Prepare to see manta rays, tropical fish, turtles and dugongs, just to name a few- but there is one not to be forgotten. Whale sharks! Watch as these huge, beautiful creatures swim peacefully around you- it is an experience to never be forgotten. With one of our Ningaloo tours, you’ll have the best chance of seeing the whales (possibly humpbacks as well if you come in the right season!) as our spotter plane flies overhead, and you’ll also have the opportunity to receive a professionally taken photo! You can’t go wrong with that.


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Whitsunday Islands

Strap yourselves in; this might be some of the clearest, bluest water you will ever see! The Whitsundays are located off the East Coast of Queensland, and are a set of beautiful, nature-filled islands. Jump on one of our yacht tours and experience snorkelling on a whole new level, or simply watch others as you relax on the comfort that is an outdoor lounge! However we do highly recommend the former, as the colours of the marine life are spectacular- particularly because we are not very far from another snorkelling destination, and perhaps one of the most popular is Australia.


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The Great Barrier Reef

Ah, one of the most iconic places in Australia- the Great Barrier Reef! A world heritage site, the reef is home to a thriving variety of tropical fish, coral, turtles and the like. A snorkelling beginner? No worries! On our tours, there will be a snorkelling brief at every spot, and guided tours allow you to have the best experience possible when you’re out in the ‘big blue.’ Grab your go-pro, your underwater camera, whatever you have to ensure you have evidence of this unforgettable adventure!


Happy Travels! 

Written by guest blogger Loren Hillier

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