Australia has over 23,000 beaches and so a visit down under wouldn’t be complete without seeing some of its magnificent marine life.

From the beautiful bottlenose dolphins at Monkey Mia to the majestic humpback whales in Hervey Bay, there are a number of opportunities for marine life encounters on a wide variety our tours.

Although many regulations apply, our tours give you the chance to see these incredible animals in their natural habitats!

Check out our top 5 destinations to get up close and personal with Whales and Dolphins in Australia.

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Whales and Dolphins in Port Stephens

Located just north of Newcastle in Sydney, Port Stephens is known for its wonderful beaches and beautiful sheltered bays. From May to November, the waters off Port Stephens play host to a large number of migrating humpback whales. The area is also home to over 140 bottlenose dolphins, and so our day trip to Port Stephens will give you the perfect opportunity to see these friendly mammals in their natural habitat!

We have a 1 day Port Stephens Whale Watching tour and a 1 day Port Stephens Dolphin tour.

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Dolphins at Monkey Mia

Located 800km north of Perth in Western Australia, Monkey Mia is internationally famous for its dolphins. The wild bottlenose dolphins come in to shore daily to be fed by local rangers, giving you the chance to see them in their natural environment. Have your camera ready as feeding time comes around and the dolphins play in the shallow waters! Check out our trips to Monkey Mia, or our Perth to Broome tours that pay a visit to this unique marine park.

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Whales in Hervey Bay and Fraser Island

A number of our East Coast tours feature a trip to Hervey Bay and Fraser Island, both famous for whale watching! From early August until October, over 1,000 Humpback whales visit Hervey Bay for as long as two weeks each. They rest in the sheltered waters off Fraser Island after their long journey from Antarctica, making Hervey Bay one of the best whale watching locations in the world.

Southern Right Whales in Warrnambool

Our Great Ocean Road Tour includes a visit to the Warrnambool viewing point lookout. Here you’ll be able to spot some of the magnificent Southern Right Whales that swim close to the shore between the months of June and October.


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Humpback Whale Swim

Swimming with a Humpback Whale in their natural environment is an extraordinary life-changing experience, one not to be taken for granted, and as such is conducted with the utmost respect to the whales. Each day presents a unique experience, and some whales are more interactive than others. Humpback Whales are very inquisitive creatures and it is quite possible they will seek interaction with humans and swim close to us. We will do absolutely everything possible to have you swimming in the water with a Humpback Whale!

Humpback Whale Swim on a Sailing Catamaran from Exmouth

Swim with the wild Dolphins in Perth

You can swim with the Dolphins from Rockingham just an hour south of Perth.

There are over 200 local bottlenose dolphins that live amongst the sheltered waters of Rockingham’s bays and islands that we’ve come to know as friends. They don’t perform tricks and we don’t feed them, we simply spend some time enjoying each other’s company!

The Dolphins come incredibly close, we’ll have them doing loops and spins within inches of you at times. To ensure that we do not harm the dolphins in any way by transmitting skin diseases or damaging their protective skin layer we adhere to a strict ‘no touch policy’.

We swim daily with the Dolphins April to June and then September to March. 

Wild Dolphins Cruise Experience

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Whale Sharks at Ningaloo Reef

March to July is Whale Shark season at Ningaloo Reef, located in the northwest coastal region of Western Australia. Our one-day Whale Shark Swim Tour allows you to get in the water and get up close and personal with these amazing animals, along with turtles, dugongs, manta rays, and tropical fish. This once in a lifetime experience is not one to miss on your next Aussie adventure!

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