Cairns has the first ever purpose built bungee tower, so we recommend this as the ultimate place to Bungy Jump in Australia.

Mr AJ Hackett, from New Zealand introduced modern day bungee jumping to the world in 1987 when he illegally, snuck up the Eiffel Tower in France at night time, and bungeed off.

He was consequently arrested for an act of terrorism. Luckily he didn’t spend any time in prison and his Eiffel Tower stunt had given him all the promotion and advertisement he needed to go on and start his empire of commercial bungee jump sites.

The Bungy site in Cairns is in a beautiful location, surrounded by rainforest. It’s also a great place as you can go there and sit in lush rainforest where there are picnic tables, sundeck and of course – a fully licensed bar. So if your someone who is really considering doing a Bungy but can’t quite get the nerves to do it relaxing around the site for an afternoon to see how it all works and see how great all the crew are might just sway you to give it a go. The whole site is built around the pond in the centre and of course the bungee platform directly above.

Check out our advice for first time Bungy Jumpers: First time Bungy Jumping tips.

If you dont have the nerve for a bungy jump you can always do the Minjin Swing. This swing (bound by 3 steel cables) elevates you 48 metres into the air and then there’s no way to get down except to pull the cord, as this is attached to you! After a free-fall drop of 8 metres while the cable becomes taught, you’re accelerated to 120 kph in 4 seconds. Its a pure adrenalin rush, the view when you are at the highest point either side if spectacular – a view all over Cairns and the coast. Nowhere near as big a rush as the bungee provided but a definite wakeup call!

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So...Is Bungy jumping on your bucket list?

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