Our tours feature  a unique type of accommodation: Sleeping in Swags Under the Stars

A Swag is more than a bedroll. It's a very comfortable, durable and practical mattress wrapped in canvas that you sleep on the ground with.

The name 'swag' derives from when early European pioneers would roll up their belongings in exploration in the Australian outback. These 'swagmen' or 'swaggies' would be able to sleep anywhere on their journey to a new town for work.  The swag is an Australian icon. It's not about your attitude or bravado. It's something to sleep in and on.

The swag used today has evolved a lot since the early days. It's now a pretty heavy item best carried in a vehicle rather than by an individual. It's still highly portable and is carried on the tour vehicles you will travel on or is stored at camps. After use, you roll up and tie the swag in its rolled form for ease of stacking and transportation. It's a relative skill to do this well, as you will experience if you do a trip that uses swags.

The tours that use swags at some stage on their itineraries (not necessarily every night) are classified as Traditional or Bush Camping

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Sleep in a Swag on tour

Picture yourself settling down for the night beneath the shimmer of a million stars. Instead of shutting out the world with curtains or a tent, you allow yourself to become a part of the natural landscape, to be at one with the incredible surroundings, and to soak up timeless scenery that is like nowhere else in the world.

This is exactly how it feels to sleep in a swag beneath the stars on our Uluru tours. It’s one of the best ways to really feel like a part of the landscape and to immerse yourself in its picturesque backdrop.

After a day spent exploring when the sun has disappeared completely and the swathe of darkness and silence envelopes the surroundings you can tuck yourself into a comfortable swag and stare up at the stars until you fall asleep.

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Enjoy a goodnights sleep in the Swag

A swag is like a large sleeping bag, but it’s made from strong canvas and features a comfortable sponge-like mattress on the bottom to ensure your open-air sleep is relaxing. Within that you place your own sleeping bag, which provides a much warmer experience than sleeping in a tent, and offers a heavy dose of comfort and safety. Swags are the most popular form of sleeping equipment in the outback because they are like mini-beds beneath the stars.

When you think of the outback you might think of wild animals and insects, but you needn’t worry. The outback is actually the best place to indulge in a bit of outdoor sleeping because the dry air means there are no mosquitos and very few animals trundle through the barren landscape after dark. In fact, sleeping in a swag beneath the stars can be an amazing first-time camping experience, because it offers the chance to soak up the eternally-clear sky from the comfortable resting point of your swag, surrounded by ancient rock formations and new-found friends. So if you are on our Uluru tours- don't worry too much about mosquitos.

For those camping in  Kakadu National park, be sure to bring some insect repellent. 

Accommodation at Reefsleep is in a private King Room or in single or double swags. 600
Sleeping under the stars

The outback is the perfect place to sleep under the stars. Cities have too much light and the air is sometimes too polluted to really see the stars.

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Swag it up!

In keeping with our philosophy of keeping it real and authentic, sleeping out under the stars in a swag is the only way to go.

We want you to experience the outback in a way that you can really feel for and appreciate the unique environment in this part of the world. People travel to the outback from around the world just to view the southern stars with our mostly crystal clear nights.

Sleeping in a swag puts you right in the VIP seats. What a way to finish a day in the desert - a hearty dinner with banter around the campfire and then quietly drifting off to sleep looking up in awe at the millions of stars and clusters on display!

You will need to bring your own sleeping bag or, if you don’t have one, you can hire them from us. Please let us know when making your booking.


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