Thailand Travel: Escapism to a T

I can tell by the way you clicked yourself here that you are counting down till your next holiday. If you are looking for a tempting tropical travel destination or a new perspective, Thailand has it all!

Here are eight great reasons why Thailand is your next destination. Maybe you will finally uncover the secret flavours of Pad Thai while you’re there too.

Thai massages

Try to imagine how amazing it would feel to have an hour-long Thai massage every day of your holiday by locals who have a lifetime of experience of knowing the best way to soothe your travelling soul and keep those feels coming with a beautiful green tea. 

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The infamous Full moon party!

Every full moon the Island of Koh Phangan goes off, with buckets of Sangsom that has been known to give you the courage to jump over flaming ropes and dance right on through til you see the sun on open-air platforms along the beach. Don’t worry if you aren’t on the islands during the full moon either because they have parties for the other moon phases too, any excuse will do. 

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The Beach

There are millions of beaches in the world but we are talking about ‘The Beach’ the one fresh-faced Leonardo DiCaprio found on his travels and called home for a while. The tropical island paradise is in Thailand and we can take you there on a real boat so you don’t have to swim. The islands in the south of Thailand boast beautiful clear blue waters you can kayak across, snorkel around and dive deep into, swim under waterfalls and party in the jungle. Are you convinced yet? 

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Thai Food

Have you got a weakness for Thai ice coffee and delicious mango and sticky rice, I still think about them here in Australia. I’m proud to have got some insight into Thai cooking while I was there, like Pad thai, Pad see ew, to name a few. If you have your local Thai restaurant on call it might be worthwhile to make a trip to the motherland and learn the secrets of how to cook authentic Thai food with the help of a Thai cooking class.


It’s what sets countries apart in my opinion. Thailand’s range of transport options to get you places is incredible. There are sleeper trains and buses, taxi’s to tuk tuks, ferries to long tail boats an even domestic flights and international connections to almost anywhere in the world. Check out the options available on our nine and twelve-day tours where you be travelling in true Thai style!

Mother Nature

Thailand has many natural wonders as well. Imagine green vines with heart-shaped leaves covering the countryside. Natural beauty is everywhere from the green spaces in Bangkok to tropical jungles. We will take you on a journey through the jungle of Koh Phangan where you can get nice and close to graceful elephants and maybe see some cheeky monkeys there too. Not to mention tubing through national parks, swimming through waterfalls and snorkelling in pristine waters. 

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Its spiritual side

Have you been feeling like there’s more to life lately? A trip to Thailand could be your gateway to bigger things, I’m not just talking about the elephants either, with millions of meditating Buddha’s to give you motivation Thailand will give you the opportunity to find more happiness. If not through yoga, meditation and fresh tropical fruit and veggies but opportunities to immerse yourself in nature like turquoise beaches and lush green jungles, learn wisdom and grace from monks passing you by on the street or just free yourself from worry thanks to our wonderful guide to take you around Thailand and teach you what they have learnt about this beautiful country. 

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Forward thinking future

The insane city of Bangkok is an experience in itself. Love it or hate it, it will leave you seeing things differently. Bangkok is a city that doesn’t let people sleep easily with some great nightlife, every mode of transport, green spaces and phenomenal architecture. The greatest aspects of this forward-thinking Thai culture for travellers is its general acceptance towards people from the LGBTI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex) community. It is very common to LGBTI people to come to Thailand for their surgery or just a place they have the freedom to love and dress how they want. Thailand is a country that accepts you for who you are, just take the new King as an example.

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