The journey from Adelaide to Melbourne is a beautiful experience and can be taken via the Great Ocean Road.

You’ve landed in Adelaide, explored as much as you could and loved every moment. You’ve had your fair share of cultural sights and wine tasting but now it’s time to move on bringing the memories with you. The journey from Adelaide to Melbourne is a beautiful experience and can be taken via the Great Ocean Road. Our three day tour departs Tuesdays and Saturdays from Adelaide at 6:45am and if you find yourself in Melbourne destined for Southern Australia the tour also works in reverse.

Now you’ve bought your ticket and packed your bags ready for the journey along the Great Ocean Road here are the five best things to see and do along the way:


Waterfall watering hole2
1. MacKenzie Falls

While passing through Grampians National Park the MacKenzie Falls are a must see. The beautiful waterfall flows all year and there are two routes you can take, to the top of the falls look out or straight to the foot of the falls. The walk to the base of the falls is a 2km, 1hr 30 minute trek and can quite steep, for the less able the falls lookout route is 1.9km trek taking 40 minutes return along a gentle gradient. Don’t forget your bathers and camera!


Wales dancing3
2. Whale Watching

If you’re setting off on your road trip during the winter month’s whale watching is a rite of passage at Encounter Bay. As the whales are migrating between mid-May and October from Southern shores back to the West coast it is prime opportunity to spot Southern Right, Sperm, Humpbacks and Blue Whales. As we cannot plot or plan whale movements it can sometimes take patience when watching and waiting.


koala mum baby2
3. Koala Spotting

The Great Ocean Road is a haven for finding Koalas in their natural habitat chilling out in the eucalyptus trees. The Australian animals are notorious for their sleepy demeanour so it is very unlikely to find them up to much else other than resting or munching on the eucalyptus leaves. If you can’t seem to find you can be confident you’ll know you’re in the right area by the pungent smell of eucalyptus.


diving on great barrier reef3
4. Helicopter Ride over the Great Ocean Road

For those that aren’t short on cash, a helicopter journey over parts of the Great Ocean Road is a must do. The amazing views are breathtaking from the sky being worlds apart from the experience on land. Make sure you take your camera and phone with full battery ready to snap away all the natural beauty.


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5. Twelve Apostles

The Twelve Apostles are one of the biggest attractions of the Great Ocean Road journey. The limestone rock stacks are believed to have been standing between 10 to 20 million years. Life has taken its toll on the apostles and erosion has claimed four with only eight left though the name remains. The view is stunning and the winds can be high so be prepared to hold onto your hat!


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