Heading on one of our trips to Australia’s outback?

You would already have read our 5 Must Have Items To Take On Your Tour. Here we give you a few little added extras we like to take with us when heading into the outback on tour.

1. Fly net

This is great for those pesky flies in the Red Centre. Instead of swatting flies from your face every few minutes, this frees up your hand for taking some awesome pictures

Man women sitting rock vista outback
2. Travel pillow

Useful if you are sleeping in a swag for extra neck support. We all know Australia is a vast country so a travel pillow is also great for those hours on the tour bus.

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3. Travel towel

These dry fast, pack up small and work. We recommend a travel towel to keep the Kgs down and free up space in your bag for more souvenirs.

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4. Comfortable shoes

Whether this is a pair of well worn hiking boots or just your gym trainers it’s important to have good quality and well fitting footwear when on your outback tour. Getting blisters on day one isn't going to lead to an enjoyable trip.

Kakadu National Park 7
5. Bushmans insect repellent (high DEET content)

In the outback, especially Kakadu and The Kimberley there are plenty of mosquitos that can carry disease. The risk is low, but it’s best to be protected and itching for days during your trip can be distracting. So make sure you spray yourself and your clothing regularly while out in the bush.


Have a great trip.

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