Uluru and the surrounding area is a cultural hotspot, a must visit location on your Australian adventure.

Tick off Uluru (Ayres Rock), The Great Barrier Reef and the Opera house in Sydney and your Australian trip has been a success! If you are interested in booking a tour from Alice Springs or Ayres Rock here are some of the highlights you will experience on tour.


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Get the perfect Selfie at Uluru

On our Uluru tours there is perfect opportunity to get a selfie of the Rock. You can get this at sunset or sunrise, with your new found friends on tour or alone. 

If you are 18-39 and want a fun 3 day adventures around Uluru, Kings Canyon and Kata Tjuta book our 3 day budget Uluru tour from Ayres Rock or Alice Springs.

If you are a traveller over 40 or part of a family group we have the perfect Uluru trip for you in our 3 day comfort tour option around the Red Centre.


Sunrise photo at Uluru

Another must do on your Red Centre adventure is the sunrise photo at Uluru. If you find it hard to get out of bed in the morning you wont on the morning of your Uluru tour. You will spring up out of the swag or tent, and head out to the sunrise platform ready for the stunning sunrise that appears to slowly climb up from the ground to position itself over Uluru. We see so many sunsets when travelling Australia, but how many sunrises do you get up for?


Uluru Sunset 7
Sunset at Uluru

We cant write a blog about the highlights of our Red Centre tours without mentioning the sunsets at Uluru. So many different colours can be seen. We hope you all get a wonderful photo!


Kata Tjuta National Park 2
Exploring Kata Tjuta

Another highlight of the Red Centre is Kata Tjuta. Just 30km from Uluru this rock formation is ancient and spectacular. You can hike around these stunning domes, we love the way the colours change from rich red rock, bright blue sky and green grass. 


Kings Canyon Rim walk5
Vast Views at Kings Canyon

We spend many hours hiking around Kings Canyon on our Uluru tours. The views are extreme and go on for ever. Kings Canyon is in Watarrka National Park it can be a highlight for visitors to the Northern Territory. The walk is the most challenging thing you will do on the 3 day trip. Its around 3.5 hours drive from Uluru so we normally camp very close to it, so we can get up early for hiking the next morning. 


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Red Centre highlights

We have so many wonderful things for you to see on our 3 day trips to Uluru and the surrounds. We hope you enjoy the tour you have booked or this inspires you to travel to the Red Centre. 


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