You can’t go too wrong if you’re looking to take a good photo whilst travelling in Australia on tour.

Australia as a destination is pretty fantastic. Even with all elements in place there’s still a few easy things you can do to take your snaps from good to amazing.

Whatever camera you are using. Whether its the latest equipment or you are rocking your trusty I phone 5, there are some tips and tricks that mean you can better capture the wonder of your travels in Australia.

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1. Read all about it

A little research on the destinations you're headed to will mean you hit the ground running. Have a flick through our website articles for advice on the main things to see at each spot. Check out travel blogs for inspiration. Our awesome guides will make sure you don’t miss anything, and reading up will mean you'll already have plenty of ideas for the shots you want to get.


2. Embrace The Golden Hour

Drag yourself out of bed early for this one. Just after sunrise and just before sunset is the time of day known by photographers as The Golden Hour. This is when you get a soft and glowy light, perfect for photos. It makes everything look that much better, avoiding the extreme shadows or overexposed shots harsh midday sun can create.


3. Get down low

A quick way to create unique, interesting shots. Most of the time we click away at eye level, so to mix it up try using low angle shots. Crouch down and see how much it changes the perspective. Whether you capture more of the sky, fit more in the frame or shift the focus to the foreground you'll get a dramatic shot.


4. Rule of thirds

One of the core principles of photography, following the rule of thirds will give you pictures which 'pop' that much more! Split your image into thirds horizontally and vertically then have the subject sitting on one of the lines or intersections.


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5. Just add people

You’ll come across more than your fair share of stunning landscapes travelling around Australia. While you're snapping away at all the epic scenery see if you can add a friend or two in the shot. As well as adding scale and interest to photos, there's nothing like humans to add emotion and help the photo tell its story.


Ready to get snap happy while we show you Australia at its most picture perfect? Choose your tour and grab your camera!

If wildlife photography is your thing guys, then have a read of our recent blog Where to see Native Australian Wildlife for a few tips on where to snap that perfect pic of a Kangaroo or Koala.

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