One of the major differences between tours in the Northern territory is the type of accommodation used.

Many of the other differences are covered here.

One of the more comfortable accommodation styles known as Comfort Camping. Comfort Camping is described as: Private, and often exclusive, campsites featuring permanent pre-erected tents with beds and linen. All camps have hot shower and toilet facilities.

wayoutback camp and uluru

Comfort Camping is an accommodation style on these tours :

These photos illustrate the type of private permanent pre-erected tents.

The style of tents with the overhanging roof gives good shade protection. There are two large windows (with insect screens) designed to be open all the time to allow airflow and viewing out into the night sky.

The campsites also use solar power and have eco-friendly toilet blocks. Small comforts in an otherwise wild environment.

wayoutback tents

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