Bali Travel Guide and Tips: My 9 Day Bali Intro Experience!

Nothing but positive stories, amazing pictures, and countless reasons why you should visit this amazing island is what I hear from travelers around the world.

Bali, the new popular upcoming destination receives nothing but praise. Thus, I decided to travel around the country and discover the hype for myself. For my trip, I booked the 9 day Bali Intro tour so it would save me time planning everything. Plus the tour receives great feedback online, and it sounded like the perfect trip to experience all the different sides of Bali.

Stunning Balinese sunset at the beach in Kuta
From Adelaide to Denpasar

My flight departed on the 8th of November, and after a 5-hour flight that felt like forever, I finally arrived at the Island. At the airport, everything went pretty smoothly. Our group leader was already waiting for me, and although the airport in Bali was busy finding him was quite easy. His enthusiasm for the tour and the country itself was present from the start, and it made me wanted to begin the trip immediately. The first accommodation is located in Kuta, this is the perfect place to relax, recover from the flight at the pool, and meet the group I was going to spend the upcoming 9 days with. The hotel is also relatively close to the beach so I decided to go for a stroll and watch the famous Balinese sunset. And I could not agree more, the sunset was just stunning. In the evening we had a welcome dinner for the group and we decided to go out for drinks. The first night was filled with fun, cheap food and dedicated to getting to know each other better.

Group photo at our first temple visit

Our day began with individual breakfast and some free time to wander around before we had to meet up at the reception to visit the first place. Transportation was arranged for us and while we were sitting in a comfortable van, we could see the first glimpses of the country and sing along with our favorite songs DJ Shak (our group leader) played during the ride. The first stop of the day was a temple. We got welcomed by a friendly local guide, who gave us a tour and information at the temple. She was friendly, enthusiastic and professional and the whole group enjoyed her as a guide. This was also the place we spotted our first monkeys and got our first group pictures. After that we got dropped off at the beach to enjoy the fresh sea breeze, go for a swim and do some fun activities like frisbeeing. For lunch, we went to this cute place which was located on the beach. Here we enjoyed some delicious food, good music and watched the sunset before going to the hotel. At night we had another group dinner and we decided to visit the club after. Everybody had a great time and we made a lot of fun memories.

From Kuta to Canggu

On day three we traveled to Seminyak beach. Here we had the first activity of the day: Surfing! Everybody was very enthusiastic and we couldn’t wait to get in the water. First, the instructors guided us through some safety rules on the beach and explained to us the correct position on the board. After that, it was surfing time. We all went in the water at the same time since there were enough instructors to coach us through and give you some extra help, may you need that.  I noticed that there were roughly two kinds of groups during the surfing lesson. Firstly, you had the group who got the right balance and position after three times and rode the waves like it was nothing. And then you had people like me, who finally stood on the board for 10 seconds after falling off 15 times. But we laughed a lot and it was a really awesome experience. After the lesson, we got brought to our second accommodation in Canggu where we enjoyed a nice lunch and got some free time to relax at the pool. The plan for the afternoon was chilling at the beach while we watched the sunset and drunk a fresh coconut. After that, we went to a restaurant to have dinner and enjoy our night.

Stunning views on the rice paddies
From Canggu to Lovina

This day was planned with a lot of amazing activities. We had three stops on the jungle route to our third accommodation: The Private Villa. During the drive, we got to see the first rice paddies, and they looked stunning. The first stop was Tanah Lot temple. Here we met the tour guide, Eddie. Eddie was a really fun, relaxed guide who contained a wealth of knowledge about the Balinese culture and the temple. I really enjoyed getting more insights into their religion and vision, it was quite an interesting experience. Before we drove off to the second stop I bought some coconut ice cream, I would definitely recommend trying it. It was surprisingly tasteful.  After that, we were heading to the famous and UNESCO protected rice paddies. The scenery was absolutely stunning and I learned that besides white and brown rice there is also a variant which is called red rice. We had a walk through the beautiful landscape and made a lot of Instagram worthy pictures before we had a tasty lunch with a view on the paddies. The last stop for the day was a waterfall. Here we had the opportunity to cool off and go for a swim, which was really fun. On our way back to the van we had the pleasure to meet the friendly Luwak and try the most expensive coffee in the world. I am not a coffee person so I found it quite bitter, I had to pour three teaspoons of sugar in the cup to make it a bit tasty. But a lot of more experienced coffee drinkers really liked it. After the last stop, it was time to go to the highlight of accommodations. The private villa is located in Lovina and has an infinity pool that looks out on the jungle. It is an amazing location and on the first night, we got welcomed with a bbq and bonfire while we got to enjoy a late-night swim. All in all, it was a  perfect day.


Day 5, the day I personally looked forward too. We had to get up a bit earlier than other days because it was dolphin watching time! We had a lovely breakfast at the beach before we headed out on the sea in three traditional boats. We had to sail approximately 20 min before we were suddenly surrounded by at least 15 dolphins. It was an amazing experience, they were so close and we were also allowed to take a dive in the water. We chased the dolphins for quite some time but unfortunately, the time came to return back. I noticed that during the way back Shak did his best to pick up as much plastic out of the ocean as possible. I really appreciated this, and I think it is a good way of showing how to have a positive environmental impact during your travels.  When we arrived back at the beach we had some time off before we drove into the mountains to visit a Balinese family. This was a really interesting experience, and it allowed you to get a cool insight into the Balinese culture and learn about how the family sustains themselves. We had a delicious snack which was followed by a nice tour around the property where we got to taste different herbs. After the tour, we were allowed to try waving bamboo basket which was quite difficult. At the family we got the best lunch off the whole trip, the food was home-cooked and tasted amazing. I am already getting hungry thinking about it. In the afternoon we drove back to the villa and enjoyed a swim with some music from the pool bar. For dinner, we headed back to the beach where we reflected on the activities of the day. 

Beautiful view on the active volcano on our way to Gili T2
From Lovina to Gili Trawangan

Today was the day to wave goodbye to our luxurious villa and say hello to Gili Trawangan. We left early because we had a long drive ahead of us and we needed to be on time for the ferry. We had a quick stop in between to enjoy the beautiful views on the active volcano, and buy some snacks. The ferry sailed from Bali to Gili T in 1,5 hours and the ferry ride was quite nice. We sat on top with the whole group while Shak was playing music from an old fashioned speaker. Since you are sitting in the sun for 1,5 hours I would recommend putting sun lotion before you enter the boat. However, it is refreshing sitting on the top since there is a constant sea breeze cooling you off. There is no motorized transportation on Gili T, so there are a lot of bikes and horses. We did not make use of the horses because Intro Travel could not guarantee they were treated right. I thought it was amazing they considered animal welfare during the trip and encouraged tourists not to contribute to bad animal welfare. In my opinion, this is something every tour operator should do. The first views on Gili T were amazing white-sand beaches, crystal clear water, many restaurants, clubs, and spas to make your stay memorable. We were all excited to get to our accommodation which was part of an Irish pub. Gili T is the smallest island where an Irish pub is located, so I can genuinely say that this hotel is quite unique. We had some time off to discover the Island, swim in the sea, relax at the pool, eat or take a short nap in the room before we headed out to have dinner. At night there was a big party at the Irish pub which was quite convenient since the rooms were only a couple of meters away. That is why some of us mystically disappeared during the night, including me.

Enjoying the view from the famous Gili T swing
Gili Trawangan

The day began with an optional activity: Diving. The rest of us who were too tired from the night before, or just didn’t want to come had a free morning. I choose to try out the dive and I must say it was amazing. We tried the basics first in the pool before we were brought to the dive spot. The instructor was really professional, and nobody really faced any issues during the dive. The water had a perfect sight and we saw around 7 turtles and a lot of different fish, which was really cool. Back on land we grabbed a quick lunch and met up with the rest of the group to explore the Island by bike. We stopped at the famous Gili swing to make some lovely pictures while we enjoyed a drink at the restaurant. For dinner, we went to a cute restaurant where we enjoyed a delicious meal.

Snorkeling with the turtles at Gili T
Gili Trawangan

Suddenly the last day had arrived. We started the day with a snorkeling trip around the Gili Islands. There were two guides snorkeling with us and we saw much different fish and 4 turtles. For lunch, we stopped at Gili Air which is also known as the honeymoon island and from what I saw, I would not mind spending my honeymoon there. After the trip, we got dropped off at Gili T again and we had some free time. I booked a massage at a spa close to the hotel, this was possibly one of the best massages I had in my whole life. Then then the evening came, and it was time for our goodbye dinner. Shak held a speech that made everybody laugh and as the night passes, we reflected on how much fun we had during the trip.

Groups photo during the surfing lesson in Seminyak
From Gili Trawangan to Bali

On this day we went back to Bali with the Ferry and said goodbye to each other. From here everybody went their own way again to explore new countries, fly back home, or discover more of Bali. I had an amazing time during this trip and I would definitely travel to Bali again. Shak, the group and the itinerary were perfect and the whole trip exceeded my expectations. The itinerary was a perfect mixture of relaxation and activities and the accommodations we stayed in were quite unique. The activities were nothing but fun and we laughed a lot.

During my trip in Bali, I noticed that I also fell in love with this amazing Island. The diversity of Bali makes it the perfect tropical getaway.  The Island has it all, delicious and cheap food, temples, white-sand beaches, stunning sunsets, crystal clear water, unique accommodations, fun activities, and the culture is also really interesting to learn more about. The people are incredibly sweet and will do all they can to ensure you have a perfect stay. I would definitely visit Bali again. 






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