Which sailing boat to choose on the Whitsundays?

With so much information on the web about which Whitsunday Island sailing boat to choose it can all get a little confusing. We break it all down for you here.

We have only the best quality boats with the most competitive prices. However, not every boat out there suits every style of traveler. So before you book just because the boat departs on day of the week you arrive in Airlie Beach or because of its the cheapest, check out our helpful guide. After all, you're only going to sail the Whitsunday Islands once in your lifetime (unless you're like us and just keep going back!) 

We compiled our helpful chart with all the info on how many people are on each boat and what day of the week they depart, but here we are going to break it down a bit, with some more details on the type of Whitsundays boat and the travelers you will find on board.

Hammer Hero 1921
Hammer and Siska

These two boats are sisters, meaning they are very similar and leave on consecutive days of the week. So there will be a day to suit everyones travel plans. They are 2 day 1 night sailing boats. They have around 22 people on the boat. The boat is a Maxi sailing yacht, which means you are able to have a go at getting involved in the sailing. The boat can go fast...chasing around the Whitsundays Islands meaning you get to see a lot in a short space of time. It will tip up on its edge, it placed 5 times in the famous Sydney to Hobart race, so its a very experienced racing boat. On these whitsunday trips you get to snorkel on the coral reef, visit the famous Whitehaven beach and relax. The beds on board are dorm style accommodation, all tucked neatly under deck. This style of sleeping can be a little cosy, as its only for one night its worth it for great experience of sleeping on a maxi racing boat. The food is plentiful and tasty, which the excellent crew prepare for you, its well needed after its of beach time and fish spotting.

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boomerang interior2
Boomerang, British Defender, Condor and Broomstick

Although all very different boats, these four are all 2 day 2 night which include snorkelling, a visit to Whitehaven beach (one of the best beaches in the world) and offer the non-stop adrenalin rush of sailing the beautiful Whitsundays. They have between 25-28 passengers aboard and the average age is normally 18-39. Very similar to Hammer and Siska, these boats are providing excellent food, and sleeping in dorm style beds inside the boat. You can BYO for the duration to have a few cold drinks in the evening while star gazing and chatting with your new friends. As these boats are all very similar depending on your departure date you will be happy on any if you want to enjoy an overnight sailing experience. 

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Solway Lass ropeswing
Solway Lass

This tall ship certainly looks the part. Built in 1902 sailing for 3 days 3 nights on this beautiful vessel will be a true traditional experience. Perfect for couples and families, you and your new friends on board can play at being pirates while you sail around the beautiful Whitsunday Islands. There is a perfect balance of adventure and relaxation, with snorkelling on the reef and exploring Whitehaven Beach, but also chilling in the net on the front of the boat or sunbathing on the spacious deck.

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powerplay double

This relaxing catamaran with a hot tub is the boat to go on if you interested in trying scuba diving. This is an optional extra and suitable for both into or certified divers. This air conditioned yacht is relaxing, comfortable and takes you to Whitehaven beach. Its a pretty great all round boat, a few drinks in the evening, plenty of space to sunbathe and not too much twisting and turning in the water for those who get a bit seasick.

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Sailing on Whitsunday Blue2
Whitsunday Blue

Sailing, swimming, and snorkeling are all you have to think about on this catamaran. This boat is aimed at couples, with only 8 people on board and 2 crew, each room has an ensuite and is very spacious. The food is plentiful and fantastic. No two trips will be the same, depending on the guest's needs and wishes on board. This boat is perfect for a charter if you are a group of 8 wanting to visit the Whitsunday Islands, also great a great boat for honeymoon couples.

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We hope this helps you to understand more details about each overnight Whitsundays sailing boats we offer and whether it would be suitable for you. We also have day trips from Airlie Beach for those on a shorter time. If you need any more help don't forget to email us or send us a quick message on Facebook.

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