It's always important to make the right choices. No more so when on holiday. And perhaps more so when choosing a tour.

You may only ever get one chance to visit Uluru (Ayers Rock), Kata Tjuta (the Olgas) and Watarrka (Kings Canyon) in central Australia. Yet there are so many tours going to this region. It might at first appear difficult to understand what makes each one different.

Choosing the right tour to the region will make the difference between regretting the journey and bathing in the afterglow of a great experience.

Expectations play a big part in experiencing something greater or diminishing the experience. There's nothing worse than having a tiring day to turn up at a campsite to realise you'll be sleeping in a sleeping bag in a 'swag' on the ground, when you expected a raised bed with linen in a pre-erected tent.

Similarly, the Red Centre is the type of place where the longer you have to take in the atmosphere, expanse and relative isolation, the more you understand what makes the area so significant.

Many people don't realise the distances you will drive to get to Uluru from Alice Springs and the relative comforts of different vehicles, since you will experience much of the landscape from within a vehicle.


Photo Sunrise Platform Uluru NT Tourism

Sunrise Platform, Uluru


Consider these variables then that will likely influence your choice of tour:

Uluru Sunset 8

Have you ever do something and then reflected after the fact, 'I wish we had spent more time there'? It's certainly the case in the outback. It's a place where understanding comes through time spent observing - highlights are not always as obvious as an Uluru sunset. Even doing a 4 day tour will get you off onto dirt roads where most tours don't go. On these back roads you get away from other tour buses.


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Are you happy to sleep in a sleeping bag in a 'swag' on the ground? Or do you prefer a tent with a raised bed and linen sheets? This is one of the major differences (apart from the vehicle) between the 3 Day Cockatoo Dreaming Red Centre Tour and the 3 day 4WD Goanna Dreaming Red Centre Tour.


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Travelling in a 24-seat mini coach is quite different to travelling in a large 16-seat 4WD vehicle. The 4WD vehicle allows you to sit higher off the ground, with bigger windows to look out, more leg room, and a smaller maximum group size. These vehicles are more expensive to buy and run, however, so that also increases the tour price. The 4WD will also, of course, allow you to travel on dirt roads, getting you to places away from the main tourist sites - places like the outback Mereenie Loop Road and West MacDonnell Ranges.


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Travelling On

Many packages include travel to the Red Centre. Similarly, a tour like the 6 Day Adelaide to Alice Springs Rock Patrol tour includes travel to Uluru, Kata Tjuta and Wartarrka (Kings Canyon) as part of its itinerary. Our 10 day Alice Springs to Darwin tour is also popular if you are heading onto Kakadu National Park after your Uluru tour. So if you've got the time, you'll save on a flight and have a much better experience travelling to the places of interest on the ground.


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At the end of the day price is always a key consideration. As the saying goes, however, your memory of the experiences you had will remain not the price you paid for them. It's nevertheless important to know why tours vary in price. Tour pricing is a reflection of the accommodation style, vehicle type and tour duration. We have differences in our 3 day budget Uluru tour and our comfort 3 day Uluru tour. The article about those difference you can find here: Difference between our Cockatoo Dreaming and Goanna Dreaming Uluru tours.

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