Travel Sydney to Cairns on an East Coast adventure.

Having travelled the East Coast a few times ourselves and received feedback from our many customers we have compiled a really helpful list of where to stop up the East Coast and how long we think you should stay there. We have included a few links to the specific trips that we think should be in every east coast package, but its really up to you what you do you on your trip.

For more details send us an email or Facebook message and we will tailor make the package to fit the East Coast destinations you want to see, the activities you want to do, your travel time limit and of course most importantly; your budget.

Sydney to Cairns East Coast plan

Below we have a start in Sydney and travel to Cairns East Coast plan. Of course it can be done in the reverse. some of our customers are flying into Brisbane and heading north from there, so contact us if thats something your interested in planning.

Day 1 - Explore Sydney or take a Blue Mountains day tour.

Day 2 - Sydney to Spot X Surf Camp 

Today you will take a transfer from Sydney to Spot X Surf Camp by Public Bus.Operating Days: Everyday, Departure Time: 18:45, Duration: 9.5 Hours

Day 3 - Free Day at Surf Camp. Check out what you can do at Spot X here.

Day 4 - Spot X Surf Camp to Byron Bay. Time to leave the beach lifestyle of Spot X Surf Camp and head to the chilled vibes of Byron Bay by Public Bus. Operating Days: Everyday, Departure Time: 03:45, Duration: 5 Hours

Day 5 - Byron Bay to Surfers Paradise. Today you should continue north and transfer from Byron Bay to Surfers Paradise. From New South Wales to Queensland. Don't forget to change your clocks!

Operating Days: Everyday, Departure Time: 08:45 or 12:00, Duration: 2.5 Hours

Day 6 - Surfers Paradise to Brisbane

Operating Days: Everyday, Departure Time: 11:00 or14:30, Duration: 2.5 Hours

Day 7 - Brisbane to Noosa. Today we recommend travelling from Brisbane to Noosa. Here you can do the Everglades tour.

Operating Days: Everyday, Departure Time: 14:00, Duration: 3 Hours

Day 8 - Noosa to Rainbow Beach (Public Bus). Today you will take a transfer from Noosa to Rainbow Beach by Public Bus.

Operating Days: Everyday, Departure Time: 16:15, Duration: 3 Hours

Day 9 and Day 10 - Fraser Island 

Discover the natural beauty of the world's largest sand island on this fully guided tour of Fraser Island. Travel along the spectacular Seventy Five Mile Beach. Operating Days: Everyday.

Day 11 - Rainbow Beach to 1770. 

Operating Days: Everyday, Departure Time: 19:00, Duration: 5 Hours

Day 12 - 1770 bus to Airlie Beach (Public Bus)

Operating Days: Everyday, Departure Time: 00:15, Duration: 9.5 Hours.

We have great Whitsundays boats departing from Airlie Beach. Check out our article on how to choose the right Whitsundays boat.

Day 16 - Airlie Beach to Townsville (Public Bus)

Today you will take a transfer from Airlie Beach to Townsville by Public Bus.

Operating Days: Everyday, Departure Time: 09:30,Duration: 4.5 Hours

Day 17 - Townsville to Mission Beach. Here you can do a Skydive onto the beach.

Operating Days: Everyday, Departure Time: 13:45, Duration: 3.5 Hours

Day 18 - Mission Beach to Cairns (Public Bus) Today you could take the bus from Mission Beach to Cairns.

Operates: Everyday, Departure Time: 17:15, Duration: 2 Hours

You will arrive in Cairns where there are plenty of great activities to be done. Including Cape Tribulation and the Great Barrier Reef

We hope this gives you an idea of how long it takes to travel the East Coast of Australia with your independent and flexible hop on hop off bus and activity pass.


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