Around November time the annual Great Barrier Reef spewing event will begin.

This natural phenomenon is locally known as “Sex on the Reef” and takes place off the coast of Cairns for only a few nights.

The process was discovered by Australian researchers in 1981 where they observed millions of tiny cells spewing out of living corals. They found that when they poured water into a coral column a thick , pink “slick” of coral spawn floated up to the surface like champagne bubbles.

coral spawn1

For coral spawning to take place, several environmental factors need to be present. Firstly, ocean temperatures need to be 26 degrees celsius or above for the month before gametes (coral cells) begin to mature. Secondly, reproduction takes place 4 to 6 nights after the full moon in November or December when there is little tidal movement. Finally the coral will only begin spawning about 2-3 hours after sunset, the reason being as most of the plankton feeders will be dormant allowing the eggs more time to settle on the reef.

coral spawning

This phenomenal event is truly an amazing spectacle and is magnificent for divers and snorkelers alike.

So hop aboard a luxury boat and experience the magic of the Coral Spawning and the Great Barrier Reef by night.

2015 predicted dates are 29th and 30th November only. Contact us for more details.

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