Carla from the Real Aussie Adventures team recently went on our 6 day Secrets of Esperance Tour, here she tells us all about it.

Wave Rock

Day 1. We got up at 6am, grabbed our bags, walked to YHA in Perth and started a chat with other people waiting for the tour to start. Even before our guide Craig picked us up at 7am, we already made some friends. The plan was to make it to Cape Le Grand National Park on the same day, so we would have two nights and one full day there. Our first short coffee stop was in a nice little town called York. After 30 minutes we continued our journey to Wave Rock. On the way we made another interesting short stop at a Dog cemetery. Here rest the working dogs of local farmers. Around noon we arrived at Wave rock were we had a sandwich lunch and 30 mins to explore the amazing Wave rock. After everyone made the famous “surf” pictures and walked to the top of the rock for a stunning view of the outback, we got back to the Van and drove for another 4 hours. We stopped in Stokes NP. Here we cooked dinner together (a very tasty pasta Carbonara). We then slept out in swags under the stars.


Copie de Cape Tribulation rainforest4

Day 2. On day two we got up nice and early, had pancakes for breakfast and left the camp around 6.30am. We had a short stop in Esperance were we had the chance to go to Woolworths and the bottle shop. When we finally got to the first beach in Cape Le Grand National Park we were stunned. It was called Hellfire beach, what an amazing place! I have seen a lot of beautiful places in the last few years but this one is definitely in the top 5! The clearest light blue water you can imagine and pure white sand. We were lucky with the weather as well. We started a hike along the coast. For 3 hours we climbed up steep rocky hills from where we got some amazing views. It was quite a challenging walk I must say. And we were all very glad when we got to the camp around 1pm. We made a hamburger lunch and around 2.30pm we got the choice to climb French Mans Peak or swim and chill out on the beach for 2 hours. Since we already hiked quite a bit and we were leaving the next morning, we all were more interested in option two. We were dropped at Hell fire beach and enjoyed the rest of the afternoon here. Back at camp we met the famous kangaroos from the “kangaroo on the beach pictures”. They come to the beach to drink the freshwater that runs down there from the inland springs. They were sooo cute, you could even pet the little Joey. Our camp was located a few hundred meters from that beach in Lucky bay. Another beautiful bay in Cape le Grand.

Day 3. In the morning we got up at 5am to watch the sunrise at Lucky bay. Today we would split up. Craig would take 5 people to Adelaide and we would join Sandy & Marco and their group of 4 people back to Perth. Around noon we arrived at another stunning beach called Twilight beach. Here you could swim to the rocks about 300meters off the coast. The rest of the day we drove and made our way towards Albany. We made a stop Pink Lake, which unfortunately was not pink that day. It depends on the temperature whether it turns pink or not. In the night we camped at a nice farm with an awesome kitchen and we had a tasty BBQ. Here we could finally recharge our cameras which apparently couldn’t handle the beauty of Cape le Grand National Park.


Day 4: In the morning we hiked up the Castle Rock trail for an amazing view of the surroundings. We passed a lot of cool rock formations and climbed up a really high and even a bit scary look out point. From this look out point you could see the whole national park with all its beautiful trees and all the way to Albany. On the top we rested for a while, chatted about our travel dreams. Just before it started raining we made it back to the van and had a nice lunch under a little shelter. After the rain shower we continued our way to Albany. Here we just had a short toilet stop before we visited the highlights of the Great Ocean Drive (the WA version of the Great Ocean Road). The Gap was really impressive with its scary 200 meter drop off and huge waves splashing against those high walls. Which were once attached to Antarctica, hundreds of millions of years ago. Also The Natural Bridge was cool to see. The last stop before we headed to our camp was at the Green Pools and Elephant cove. Unfortunately it was overcast that day and a bit too cold to swim in these calm natural pools. We still enjoyed the walk there though, that led us to Elephant Rocks; 4 big rocks that clearly looked like elephants. We got into camp just before dark and had time to pitch the tents before we eat a nice goulash with pasta together around the campfire.

Day 5 This morning we went to the Tree Top Walk in the Valley of the Giants. This is a nice short walk over a platform trough the canopy of the giant Tingle trees. The bottom of there trees are incredibly huge. Some of them are hollow so you can walk trough them. There is even one that has a face. We had lunch of sandwiches and wraps at The Fire Tree. Back in the days this tree was used to check if there was a bush fire. To climb it they put in hundreds of strong iron spikes that formed a ladder. These spikes are still there and are now used by stupid tourists (including me and the rest of the group) that dare to climb this 52 meters high tree without being attached to a robe. To be honest, I just went half way, that was enough for me with my fear for heights. In the late afternoon we went Wine tasting in the Margret river region. The guy from the winery gave us all a glass and poured one wine after the other wine and shortly explained their tastes and names. After headed to the last campground of our trip were we had another nice BBQ.

Day 6: Today was the best of the whole trip. It was a day full of culture, nature and chocolate, a perfect combo in my opinion. In the morning we drove to the Ngilgi Caves where we were welcomed by Josh our Aboriginal Guide. He showed us how the native people lived here, not even 100 years ago. They used plants for all sorts of things; like diseases, insect repellant or toothpaste. He showed us their hunting tools and taught us how to make Fire. Josh also took us into the Ngilgi Cave, which was honestly the most beautiful cave I have ever seen. Millions of stalagmites and stalactites. In the cave Josh told us some of the local aboriginal dream time stories and gave us a didgeridoo performance. He was amazing. After the aborigional experience we made a short stop at a chocolate shop and tasted some of the best chocolates I have ever had. I even bought the healthy 70+% one, which I usually don’t even like. The last lunch of the tour we had in Busselton, right next to the longest Jetty in Australia. About 2kms. And the last stop before we headed back to Perth was at a cheese shop. Here we did a last bit of tasting and took a final group picture. We got back in Perth around 5pm and were dropped at YHA where we made sure we had each others Facebook names and said goodbye to each other.

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