The trip can start either from Rainbow Beach or Harvey Bay.

group swimming lagoon2

My Pick up was in the early morning from the bus station in Rainbow Beach. It´s less then 2 minutes from all hostels in Rainbow Beach, which are all on the one street. This trip is aimed at 18-35's and was great value and all inclusive, which is why I choose it for my Fraser Island adventure. I am not a fan of camping, so the option to sleep in dorm share really appealed to me. Also, you travel with a guide on a 4WD bus, so I was looking forward to learning lots about Fraser Island and its history as a world hertiage listed location. 

A shuttle bus takes you to the ferry, which transfers you over to the worlds largest sand island. After a short drive and a pit stop for a coffee/tea and a biscuit the first highlight of the island is waiting for you Lake Mckenzie.

We chilled and explored at Lake McKenzie, had a swim and relaxed on the white sandy beach. When we returned to the bus lunch was prepared by our amazing tour guide Martin. Oh Martin, such a true Aussie character, I would even count him to the best attractions on the island. Really passionate about his job and Fraser Island with lot´s of knowledge about the island. Most of his stories started around 3 million years ago...Let´s just say a true professional but also very funny Aussie mate.

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We spent the rest of the day taking short rainforest hikes, always looking for turtles, dingos and other wildlife with Martin who added interesting facts to every plant we saw.

The 2nd day om our Fraser Island adventure tour started with a visit at Eli Creek, an amazing fresh water creek that you can float down. Defenitely a good start to get rid of the sleepy eyes. It was so fresh!

We contunied to drive the 70 miles on the beach futher south to see the Champagne Pools. We climbed the look out to see whales. Just when we arrived on the peak of the rock- of course named by James Cook- people started to scream and get out their hightech cameras to get some shots of a whale that was just having lunch quite close to the lookout. The crowd was excited and so was I- my first Whale watch in Australia!

The real superstar of Fraser Island was still waiting for us. Martin wanted to fullfil his promise of showing us some Dingos and we ended up driving our bus along the coastline.... and we were lucky. Im suprised that the bus wasnt flipping over while everyone tried to capture the best pics of the 10 month old female dingo or the 2 brother dingos that were just walking by. 
We returned to the hostel with a big smile on our faces and had some victory drinks. Awesome day!

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The 3rd and last day felt less planned and more relaxed than the first 2. We visited Lake Wabby, Martins favourite place, to chill out and try out paddle boarding. I really enjoyed this lake as it was green from all the tea trees that surround it. We had to trek across 1km of sand to reach it and it felt like a true adventure experience. Giving Lake Wabby the award of the best spot on Fraser Island...if i had to choose. 

After an early buffet lunch we could decide between another hike and some chill time at the beach or the pool. 
I choose the beach, since the last days where already full of amazing highlights I got a total surprise when a dingo scrept up to me and tried to steal my last lunch cookie out of my bag!

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Accommodation on this Fraser Island tour

Lodges with different types of rooms. Single rooms and dorm room available.  The lodges are big and have a kitchen/ living room area and a little balcony. The food is served at the restaurant/ bar area of the resort, which comes with some party games such as pool or twister. It´s a good place to go to when its getting dark. The food itself is a "all you can eat" style buffet and really good. We had a mexican night.

In conclusion this trip is really a comprehensive visit to Fraser Island with all the highlights covered. I had such fun and met a really cool group of people who i know count as new friends. We have planned to do the same Whitsunday boat trip next week. I would recommend this trip to anyone who is 18-35 years old and wants a fun, informative and adventurous experience on the largest sand Island in the world. 


The Fraser Island tour I went on was:

Tours to get you there

Relax on the beach

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