Cairns is an excellent place to do a dive trip to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

Cairns' location in North Queensland, its proximity to the reef, the varied accessible dive locations and types of trips to the reef make the city a real gateway to the reef.

Choose from these different types of trips:

Live aboard dive trips allow you to have multiple dives over a number of days. You stay on the boat out near the dive locations on the reef. This means you have more time at the reef locations and the opportunities for night dives. Some dive operators have exclusive permits to certain areas on the reef. 

Day trips start and end at Cairns or Port Douglas. You cruise out to the reef with people who might also only be interested in snorkelling. You will still visit at least two locations for different experiences. You can do a dive without any prior diving experience. You will be with an instructor and only be allowed to dive to a certain depth. To do an introductory dive, you only need to be in good health and be able to swim.

Dive courses incorporate learning in a classroom in Cairns and then learning dives staying on the reef. All are PADI accredited. Where better to learn to dive then on the Great Barrier Reef. For more information on the course click here.

Tours to get you there

Relax on the beach

5 Day Maldives Package

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Modern and fast 'Sea Quest' dive vessel for your comfort

1 Day Sea Quest Outer Reef Cruise

Welcome aboard our luxury vessel, offering fantastic value for money with unlimited snorkelling and the chance to do up to two dives per day, at two different reef locations.

Modern and fast 'Sea Quest' dive vessel for your comfort

5 Day PADI Open Water Dive Course

The 5 Day Liveaboard option is by far the most popular learn to dive option. Not only are you certified as a PADI Open Water Diver, but you also get FIVE additional 'Fun Dives', including a guided night dive at no extra charge!