To help you save time, cash (and probably your sanity), we've gathered all the info from our experts on what to pack for your Australian adventure tour.

Each tour you'll find on here at Real Aussie Adventures has a list of 'What To Bring' items noted to bring along. Different regions of Australia often demand different items to take with you. There are, however, items will invariably be on all lists of what to bring on tour.


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1. Hat

When you go on a tour you'll probably spend as much time outside the vehicle as in it. Being outside in Australia invariably means hot days, with a harsh sun and high ultra violet (UV) conditions. A hat will give you the most protection. And it'll be the cheapest option.


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2. Sunscreen

In Australia it is often remarked how weathered people look. That's because of the relatively dry climate and hot temperatures. Most people should, but generally don't, wear sunscreen in their everyday lives. A good 30+ UV sunscreen will invariably be the difference between red raw skin and an unenjoyable day the next day.

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3. Walking shoes

Tours are designed to include achievable walks for all travellers. You don't need big solid walking boots, just something with good grip and support. Hybrid-style running shoes with a higher ankle support are usually fine. While the walks might involve steps and steep climbs, they are usually not sustained efforts.


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4. Water bottle

Minor dehydration can as easily occur inside a vehicle as it might outside. The air-conditioning of a vehicle can be very drying. Outside the vehicle when the temperature climbs over 30 degrees Centigrade, dehydration can occur quickly, especially in humid conditions. This is why tours operating in arid or tropical areas carry large tubs of drinking water which is free for travellers to fill their water bottles up with. Take advantage of it, even if you aren't used to drinking alot of water in your daily lives.


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5. Camera

No point travelling somewhere and then just trying to remember afterward everywhere you went and everything you did. Keep the memories alive with photos. Camera phones are getting so much better but a dedicated camera will give you more options, especially when the light is poor or the landscape vast. And if your camera is power hungry consider carrying rechargeable or spare batteries. You'll often be a long way from a specialist camera shop or where batteries can be purchased cheaply.

Read this for a few more essential things we recommend you take on tour: The Top 5 Essential Outback Items.

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