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We give you first hand accounts on some of our most popular tours for example our Perth to Exmouth tour and The Kimberleys. We show you how to travel the East Coast of Australia and which main spots to visit. We explain in depth the differences on our Kakadu National Park tours and our tours from Alice Springs to Uluru.

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How To Choose A Whitsunday Islands Sailing Boat

We have only the best quality boats with the most competitive prices. However, not every boat out there suits every style of traveller. So before you book just because the boat departs on day of the week you arrive in Airlie Beach or because its the cheapest, check out our helpful guide. After all your only going to sail the Whitsunday Islands once in your lifetime (unless your like us and just keep going back!) 

Full Monty Activities In Fiji

Booking a Full Monty package for Fiji means your package will include the best Yasawa and Mamanuca Island activities on offer. Full Monty is available with our 1 and 2 coconut multi island packages (Tropical Island Explorer, Fiji Discovery, Coconut Cruiser and Island Time). It is the same as the standard package but includes the activities. Booking them in advance like this means you won't have to miss out!