As you will be 60 or over at the time of travel we require you to complete this brief form which acknowledges the adventurous nature of the tour/activity you are to partake in, which will then need to be returned to us. Please mark NA next to sections that aren’t relevant to your particular trip.

Thank you for your understanding that we have put these measures in place to ensure your expectations are met (and hopefully exceeded) and achieve the most enjoyment from your Real Adventure Group holiday 

All Real Aussie and Kiwi Adventures tours require a moderate level of fitness.

As a general rule, you need to be fit enough to walk an average of 6 kilometres a day, though not all tours will require this amount of walking. If you are concerned about your suitability for your tour, please contact us and we can provide more information regarding the physical demands of that particular product and often recommend a more appropriate product if your first choice is not suitable.

Passengers aged 60-69 will need to fill out a brief form acknowledging they are aware of the adventurous nature of the tour or activity booked. Passengers aged 70 and above, as well as those who have declared a medical condition or pregnancy, will be required to have their doctor fill out a brief form approving them to travel on the booked activity or tour.

If you have any questions regarding your suitability to a tour or activity, please contact the Real Aussie Adventures team. 

By completing this form you acknowledge that the tour/activity you have booked either directly with Real Adventure Group or through your travel agent may involve one or all of the below conditions:

Assistance to the guide and fellow passengers with preparation/clearing up of meals
(mainly Budget and Comfort trips only)
For camping tours – walking to the toilet and shower, limited access to running water, electricity and mobile phone signal at campsites
For some accommodated tours – shared bathroom and/or dorm rooms
Varying hikes and walks, at times over uneven or rocky terrain
Varying nationality and age demographics
Humidity and at times heat in excess of 40 degrees during summer months or below 0 centigrade in winter
Travel long distances, at times away from any medical assistance (and on 4WD tours, over uneven terrain or sailing/snorkel trips in rough seas)
Include a range of guide-cooked and restaurant meals (on some trips meals are not included, please refer to itinerary)


I acknowledge that the tour or activity I have booked is of an adventurous nature and I am of reasonable fitness with a good sense of adventure.